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Ling Sheng rubbed against his chest, her sweet voice seemed to be warm and moist.


Gu, welcome back.”

While holding hands, Xiaoqi and Little Sangyu smiled sweetly at their parents who were hugging each other.

Something had almost happened to the amusement park, so the Ferris wheel would never operate again.

Jun Shiyan did not make things difficult for them with his identity, he drove straight to another place.

It was a ferris wheel that crossed the Ning River, and it was also the biggest ferris wheel in Asia.

It was a place that Internet celebrities had to go no matter what.

At that time, Ling Sheng had thought that there were too many people here, and the only attraction was a Ferris wheel.

At most, she could only go on a cruise and admire the Ning River.

There were too few entertainment projects, so she chose to go to the amusement park.

In the car, the two little kids sat next to each other tactfully and let their father and mother sit together, leaving them some intimate space.

“Legend has it that every sedan on the ferris wheel is filled with happiness.

When we look up at the ferris wheel, we are looking up at happiness.

It was said that when the ferris wheel reaches its peak…” Xiaoqi began to read the legend of the ferris wheel seriously.

As he read, his face blushed.

He paused for a moment and continued reading.

Little Sangyu, on the other hand, leaned forward and looked at him.

She started to say word by word, “When the ferris wheel reaches the highest point, if you kiss your lover, you will—”

Xiaoqis face flushed red.

He reached out and covered the words using his phone, straightened his back, and coughed.

When Ling Sheng heard Little Sangyu nod her head solemnly, she looked serious and cute.

She was so cute that her sons face turned red.

Her elbow nudged Jun Shiyan and she smiled silently.

What was wrong with his son How could he court his wife when he was so shy He was not proactive at all.

Look at Little Sangyu, she was much more proactive than him.

Little Sangyu was displeased, she frowned and complained with her lips pursed.

“Brother Xiaoqi, why are you blocking my view”

Xiaoqi looked very serious as he hid his panic.

His handsome face was full of smiles as he coaxed, “Lets not read it.

Lets read something else, okay”

Little Sangyu shook her head vigorously and her soft voice sounded a bit muffled.

She insisted, “No, Sangyu wants to read about the Ferris wheel.”

Xiaoqi had no choice.

After all, Little Sangyu had already read all the books she needed to read, so it didnt matter anymore.

He secretly turned the page, put the book on his lap and continued reading.

Little Sangyu forgot what she had just read.

She only started to learn from Xiaoqi after coming to China.

She didnt know what the words were, nor did she know where she had read them.

Xiaoqi looked at the little girl carefully and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she did not notice.

Ling Sheng smiled kindly as she watched the two little kids continue reading.

She secretly exchanged glances with Jun Shiyan and could not help but laugh.

Ning River was located in the city center, beside the bridge was the Ferris wheel, and further in was the bustling commercial street.

It was very crowded.

There were many lit cruise ships on the river.

The tourists were enjoying the night scenery on the deck and were very satisfied.

Xu Xi had already bought the tickets and asked someone to queue up for them.

When the time came, they would directly replace them.

If it were up to him, he would just chase all the tourists away and book the entire place.

They could play on the Ferris wheel for as long as they wanted.

The Third Master came to play and had to queue, this was not what the Third Master should be doing.

Li Cheng followed her.

When he saw Little Sangyu, her eyes lit up and she insisted on playing with the little girl.

Little Sangyu asked her in a low voice, “Uncle, do you know about the legend of the Ferris wheel”

She had a nagging feeling that the things she read later on did not match.

What does the phrase at the end mean

Li Cheng followed behind with Little Sangyu in her arms.

Hearing the girls question, she couldnt help but laugh.

“It means a kiss.”

Little Sangyus eyes widened in shock and her face flushed.

She moved her mouth but did not speak.

Li Cheng scratched her little nose, the kid was too soft and cute, she even wanted to bite her.

Seeing the little girls embarrassed face turn red, she lowered her voice and said, “That means that when the ferris wheel has reached the highest point, if a pair of lovers kiss, they will be together forever.”

Little Sangyus eyes darted around as she looked up at the rising ferris wheel with a thoughtful expression.

She knew what kissing meant.

Would her kiss with Brother Xiaoqi mean that they could be together forever

There was another group of people in front.

When they got on the Ferris wheel, it was almost half an hour later.

“Third Master, lets do a cruise on the river.

The surrounding scenery is quite good.” Li Cheng raised her hand and suggested with a smile.

She just wanted to play with the kid for a while longer.

Daughters were really all little angels.

They were too cute, making her want a daughter.

“Okay.” Ling Sheng nodded and deliberately glanced at Xu Xi.

“Xu Xi, come with us.

You have nothing to do here anyway.”

Li Cheng glared at him fiercely.

“Youre not allowed to go!”

Xu Xi did not want to go at first.

Li Cheng was shameless but she knew her place, he could not be an obstacle.

However, after being glared at by Li Cheng, his temper rose and he smiled.

“Yes, Madam.”

Li Cheng gritted his teeth.

“Son of a bitch!”

Ling Sheng asked Jun Shiyan softly, “Xu Xi doesnt know”

Li Cheng was actually a woman disguised as a man, it was too surprising.

However, she had hidden it very well and did not seem to feel like a woman at all.

No wonder she could fool Xu Xi.

However, Xu Xi was probably someone who was confused by the situation.

It wasnt necessarily that he couldnt discover it, perhaps he just didnt care as she got closer to him.

Jun Shiyan nodded and whispered, “Hes just dull and stubborn.”

Li Cheng had been with him all this time, but he still didnt find out.

Hes worse than An Yan, An Yan had already discovered this.

The cruise took them on a round trip from the Ferris wheel to the commercial street, it only took half an hour.

When they returned, they were just in time for the Ferris wheel.

Ever since Little Sangyu got off the boat and got on the ferris wheel, she stopped talking and became quiet.

She looked very lovable.

Ling Sheng touched the kids forehead.

She did not have a fever, so she must be tired from playing.

After playing for a day, the kids energy had been exhausted.

Little Sangyus big bright eyes darted a look at Xiaoqi who was sitting next to her.

Her eyes fell on his lips, but she was afraid that she would be found out, so she quickly shifted her gaze away guiltily.

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