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Chapter 130: I Think Your Bed Is Nice

When Ji Fanchen brought a small bowl of grasshoppers over to the bathroom opposite them, Yu Bei was overjoyed.

“Why are you so polite Go ahead!”

Jiang Yi, who had been chopping wood, covered his nose and looked at him.

“Why do you smell so strongly Brother Zhian fed the pig for an entire afternoon, but he doesnt smell that bad.”

Ji Fanchen smiled apologetically before entering the washroom.

The few people there were all idiots.

It would be good if they could cook well, let alone if they could eat delicious food.

However, according to the production teams rules, they could not eat ready-made food.

Since they had not even traded for mantou, they could only exchange the points earned in the afternoon for a 10-pound bag of rice.

There was a strange taste in the pot.

Su Yi sniffed strangely and told Chu Zhian, “Go and take a look.

Whats wrong This smells like paste.”

Chu Zhian ran to open the pot and take a look.

The rice in the pot had been burned to the point that it had turned black.

He growled angrily.

“Yu Bei, come here.

Didnt you say you knew how to cook rice What happened”

Yu Bei looked awkward.

“I think… there was not enough water.

It wont happen again.”

There was a small bowl of fried grasshoppers.

Other than Su Yi, who was afraid to eat it, the three men snatched it away like evil wolves before they could even taste it.

When Ji Fanchen came out of the shower, the few of them greeted him with a smile.

They kept following him, giving him goosebumps.

He turned around and asked, “Is anything the matter”

“Its alright, well go over to take a look.” Yu Bei smiled.

The few of them followed Ji Fanchen into his house like thieves.

The dining table in the courtyard was already filled with food, including hand-pulled noodles, vinegar potato strips, regular potato strips, soy sauce potatoes, and two big plates of fried grasshoppers.

The rice was sticky, and there was no way to eat it.

The few of them did not want to cook any more potatoes, so they ate until they threw up, thinking that they would come over to make food.

Yu Bei did not care about dignity the most.

After he was encouraged to speak, his eyes shone with hunger.

“You want to eat”

He thought that someone would definitely reply, You havent eaten yet.

Lets eat together!

However, it was Ling Sheng who came over.

Upon seeing his smile, her eyes curved into crescents.

“You havent eaten”

Yu Bei instinctively had an ominous feeling.

She was a conwoman.

Since she was a conwoman, she would not hesitate to con others.


“I think the bed in your bedroom is pretty nice.” Ling Sheng smiled like a flower.

“If you move it over for us, Ill treat you guys to a meal.”

Yu Bei knew that she was not kind-hearted.

Infuriated, he lowered his head and bellowed before turning around to leave.

“Dream on! Im not eating anymore!”

“Take care!” Ling Sheng was still smiling.

Jiang Yi shook his head helplessly.

“Enjoy your meal.

Lets go home and cook.”

Chu Zhian did not like to talk much.

He nodded at them before turning around to leave.

He had not agreed to come over to eat, but they had insisted on dragging him over!

Su Yi smiled in embarrassment.

“Then well go back.

We wanted to see if youd eaten!”

“Sister Su Yi.” Ling Sheng stopped her and gave her a small bowl of sweet potatoes.

Then, she whispered into her ear, “Eat it yourself.

Dont give it to them.”

Su Yi could not eat alone.

They were on the same team.

Yu Bei refused to eat, not caring even if he died.

He was so angry that he kept nagging them after returning home, saying that Ling Sheng was a conwoman and that she was the worst.

Su Yi said, “Sheng Sheng gave me these potatoes.”

Chu Zhian said, “Small potatoes are really delicious.”

Jiang Yi looked at the last one.

“If you arent eating it, let Su Yi have it.”

Yu Bei pointed at them angrily.

“You traitors! You changed sides after eating a small potato!”


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