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Demons and humans could not be connected.

The deeper their relationship was, the more regret and pain they would feel.

The little fox in front of her had very weak demonic strength, it was just a little demon.

Ordinary people could not see it, only the purest and most innocent child could see it.

“Sister, I understand.” The little fox was very obedient.

It knew that it was not good for her to keep looking for the little girl.

Uncle Mountain God had also said that there would be no good outcome from humans and demons fraternizing with each other.

But it kept wanting to see her, it wanted to see her every day.

Even if it only looked at her from afar, it was very happy.

It was even happier than when it ate the sweetest wild fruit.

This time, the little girl had a fever because of it and almost died.

Even if she didnt say anything, it wouldnt come looking for her again and bring her danger.

Song Yiyan discussed it with Ji Xing and didnt do anything to the little fox.

The fox was good friends with the little girl.

If this young lady from the Jiang family didnt see the little fox after she woke up, she would definitely be very sad.

Moreover, the little fox seemed to be an obedient and sensible little fox.

What happened next would be up to it to decide!

The little fox watched as the two of them left, stood in front of the window and looked at the little girl on the bed.

It picked up the flower and placed it on the little girls hair while staring at her with reluctance.

In the end, it waved at her and climbed out of the window.

When it reached outside, it closed the window tightly and stood by the window for a long time.

Song Yiyan didnt expect the childs condition to be so serious.

Normal talismans were of no use to her anymore, so she bit her fingertip and drew three talismans.

She handed them to Jin Wanqin.

“Auntie, these talismans are to be used once a day and divided into three days.

Burn it in some water for Mengmeng to drink and shell recover soon.”

Jin Wanqing took the talisman and handed it to her mother for her to keep.

When she sent them outside, she handed her an envelope.

“Sorry to trouble you.

This is a little token of my appreciation.”

Song Yiyan didnt stand on ceremony, she had taken someones money by helping them out.

She felt around 50,000 yuan, said goodbye politely, and got in the car.

It was midsummer, and the cold wind blew at night, it was much more comfortable than in the day.

The district was an old district with a night market, and many people were out at night.

When they got out of the car, there were a lot of people.

“Why dont I treat you to a barbecue” Song Yiyan smiled at Jin Yunzhe and Wang Qian.

Wang Qian was a little tempted.

In this weather, barbeque and beer were the most suitable.

Jin Yunzhe replied, “I still have work tomorrow.

I wont disturb you anymore.”

Wang Qian drove the car far away and could still see Jin Yunzhe beside him.

His eyes were fixed on the rearview mirror, and he knew that he was looking at Song Yiyan.

Sigh, love is such a damaging thing.

Yun Zhe is stubborn, he wonders when he will be able to walk out of this.

Song Yiyan ordered a few skewers and three pounds of spicy crayfish.

She held a can of beer and opened it before leaning over and took a sip.

Ji Xing was peeling the crayfish at the side, he peeled one and placed it on a plate beside him.

However, no matter how quickly he peeled it, he could not catch up with the speed of the woman eating.

Song Yiyan ate her crayfish and drank her beer.

She felt that this was the most beautiful thing in life.

The two of them were really too eye-catching, the aura around them was incompatible with the simple outdoor barbecue stall.

The people eating the barbeque beside them could not help but look at the two of them.

Song Yiyan was only in charge of eating and she mumbled, “Why are you so slow Cant you peel faster!”

Ji Xing looked at the prawn meat in the womans mouth and glanced at her coldly.

Song Yiyan weakly fed him the prawn meat that was about to enter her mouth.

“Why are you so fierce Ill give it to you, okay”

Ji Xing opened his mouth and wanted to eat the prawns, but Song Yiyan twirled the prawn around his lips and threw it into her mouth with a sly smile.

Song Yiyan took the prawn that she had just peeled and smiled at him seriously.

“Ill really give it to you this time.

Open your mouth!”

Ji Xing obediently opened his mouth.

Song Yiyan was addicted to playing.

Just as she was about to feed him the prawn, she threw it into her mouth again.

Seeing the mans angry face, she coughed and said seriously, “Stop fooling around.

Really, Ill really give it to you this time.”

Ji Xings handsome face darkened, and there was a faint fire in his eyes as he watched the little woman feed the prawns to him again.

Song Yiyan wanted to tease him.

Seeing that the man couldnt eat anything, she was happy.

She brought the prawn to his mouth again and watched as the man opened his mouth and waited to eat.

She quickly retracted her hand and threw the prawn into her mouth again.

Unexpectedly, in the next moment, the man grabbed her wrist.

When the mans slightly angry and flirtatious face enlarged in front of her, she suddenly widened her eyes.

Oh no, this was going too far! The wretched man was angry!

The moment Ji Xings lips covered hers, his nimble tongue took the opportunity to enter.

The sweet fragrance belonged to a little woman and mixed with the spicy and fresh taste of crayfish spread into his mouth.

Before Song Yiyan could react, the man grabbed the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers.

Her mind exploded and she lost her ability to think.

“That must be Song Yiyan!”

“What do you mean it looks like her Hurry up and take a photo!”

At the barbecue stall, someone shouted.

Those who knew Song Yiyan and those who didnt all took out their phones to take photos.

The bad habits of the people of China were that they liked to join in the fun and followed what the others were doing.

Who cared who she was!

Ji Xing reacted quickly and stood in front of Song Yiyan.

He grabbed the back of her head and surrounded her in a protective manner.

Song Yiyan, on the other hand, was calm.

She poked him and stepped back from his embrace.

She scanned the people who were taking the video.

“Im not Song Yiyan.

Youve mistaken me for someone else.

Everyone says that I look like Song Yiyan, but Im actually her substitute.”

The surrounding onlookers looked at her skeptically, unsure if what she said was true.

“Im really not Song Yiyan.

You better delete everything you took.

Otherwise, Ill call the police.

Youre invading my privacy and photo rights.

If I sue you, youll have to compensate me for it.” Song Yiyan picked up her phone and pretended to make a call.

The onlookers were actually not very sure if it was her just now.

When they heard that she was a stand-in actor and wanted to call the police, they were all embarrassed and prepared to delete the things that had just been taken.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Song Yiyan!”

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