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Ji Xing also nodded at them and turned around with her in his arms.

Wang Qian wanted to shout that he had come to give a gift, but before he could give it away, Jin Yunzhe glanced at him and asked him to shut his mouth.

In the car, Wang Qian finally couldnt help but say, “Im really curious.

Who is Song Yiyans boyfriend, Ji Xing”

To be able to be with the Miss of the Song family, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

From his looks and temperament, it was obvious that he came from an aristocratic family.

“I heard that Miss Song is the fiancée of Dongfang Fan, the young master of the Dongfang family.” Jin Yunzhe heard about this from time to time during gatherings, but he did not care.

After all, that circle was too far away from him.

There was a wall between the entertainment industry and the rich circle.

Celebrities looked glamorous, but compared to those rich and powerful families, they were nothing.

“Youre talking about Dongfang Fan” Wang Qian also knew.

“The Song familys eldest daughter who ran away from the wedding”

Damn, this cant be! Was Song Yiyan the only daughter in the Song family

The escape from the engagement party had caused quite a stir some time ago, causing the Dongfang family to lose face and making Dongfang Fan the laughing stock of the wealthy families in the capital.

It also caused the Dongfang family and the Song family to almost become enemies.

After all, this matter had been in an uproar recently.

Even if the Dongfang and Song families had a lot of power, they could not stop so many people from talking about it.

Rumors had long spread everywhere.

Jin Yunzhe hummed in acknowledgment.

He was a little tired as he leaned against the car seat and closed his eyes.

Wang Qian frowned in confusion and exclaimed, “But that lady from the Song family isnt called Song Yiyan.

Isnt her name Song… Song Dai”

Jin Yunzhe opened his eyes lazily and asked, “Whats my real name”

Only then did Wang Qian hit his head hard and came to a sudden realization.

Fortunately, he was a manager.

How could he forget that artistes had stage names!

In a place like the entertainment industry, most of the names of celebrities were stage names, not their real names.

They were given after entering the entertainment industry.

“I heard that the young master of the Dongfang family is the tyrant of the capital.

He lost so much face, he wont let Song Yiyan off so easily!” Wang Qian was worried.

That man was famous for being unruly and bullying others.

“Do you think the Song family is a pushover” Jin Yunzhe ignored him after speaking.

The Song and Dongfang families were both military families, their power and strength were on par.

Even if the Dongfang family suffered a loss, they wouldnt dare to go overboard.

Ji Xing carried the woman in his arms.

Looking at her pale and haggard face, his heart throbbed with pain.

When he placed her on the bed, he turned around and went to the kitchen to bring a bowl of red date porridge.

Song Yiyan was weak and tired.

She woke up when the man carried her in his arms, but she was too lazy to move.

She leaned against him like she had no bones and ate a bowl of porridge.

When she saw that the man was about to leave, she stopped him.

Ji Xing looked at the soft-looking woman and sighed.

“Ill wash the bowl.

Have a good sleep.”

Song Yiyan shook her head and said softly, “I want to take a shower.”

Ji Xing frowned slightly and looked at the little womans big eyes that were as bright as stars.

Her long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her face, making her look even more pale and weak.

His voice became gentler.

“Ill go fill the bathtub for you.”

Song Yiyan extended her arms.

“I dont want to move.

Help me bathe.”

Ji Xings eyes darkened and his voice became hoarse.

“Are you sure you want me to bathe you”

Song Yiyan hugged the blanket tightly and looked at him nervously.

“You beast, Im already so tired.

What are you thinking about”

Ji Xing walked over and picked her up by the waist.

He kissed the womans pale lips and stopped when they reached the bathroom, his eyes were burning and his voice became hoarse.

“Ill settle the score with you when youre better!”

Song Yiyan buried her head in his arms and giggled, her fair fingers poked his neck.

“How are you going to settle this with me”

Ji Xing smiled seductively.

“In the bathroom, of course.

In the kitchen, in the living room, on the sofa, on the washing machine, on the glass counter, and on the balcony.”

Song Yiyan gritted her teeth.

“You pervert!”

Ji Xing leaned down and whispered into her ear, his breath hot.

“There are only two kinds of men who can sit still and not get excited in front of the woman they like.”

Song Yiyan asked, “Which two kinds”

“The incompetent ones.” Ji Xings voice was sexy and seductive.

He let out a erotic breath, and the sound of him swallowing made ones imagination run wild.

“And the eunuchs.”

Song Yiyan was speechless.

Song Yiyan didnt have to wait long for Zhen Xi.

On the day her period ended, she received a call from her manager, Zhang Ya.

Zhang Ya was very polite.

Every time she opened her mouth, she would call her master.

Without a word, she readily paid a deposit of 200,000 yuan.

Song Yiyan had given discounts based on friendship in the beginning, especially for Han Ding and Jin Yunzhe.

In her eyes, it was like helping them for free.

She was not the number one Onmyoji on the continent for nothing.

She did not care about people, she would start with a million yuan price and not allow any bargaining.

She did not cheat Zhen Xi of the cost, it was just her normal asking price.

Song Yiyan told Zhang Ya that she would pick her up at 5pm.

When Zhang Ya came over, she saw a man standing under the building they had agreed on.

The man had a noble temperament.

Just by standing there quietly, he gave off a destructive visual impact, making her heart race uncontrollably.

She could not bear to look away after discovering this treasure.

A man with such looks was born to be under the spotlight.

As long as he entered the entertainment industry, he would definitely become famous.

“Handsome man, my name is Zhang Ya, and I am the manager of Chirp Entertainment.

Are you interested in signing with our company” Zhang Ya walked forward without hesitation and handed him her name card before introducing herself.

Ji Xing only glanced at her coldly.

“Not interested.”

“Handsome man, are you waiting for someone” Zhang Ya did not give up.

When the man swept his gaze over, she shivered.

Her eyes burned with passion, this was good.

She had already thought about it, she would give him a cold and domineering persona!

Ji Xing frowned slightly, impatience flashing past his long eyes.

He exuded a dangerous aura and did not speak.

It was obvious that he was rejecting her.

However, Zhang Ya could not give up.

It was not easy for her to meet such an outstanding man, she could not let him go.

In the future, if she became a top manager like Mei Xuelin, she would have to rely on him.

However, the mans aura was too cold, like an iceberg that was constantly emitting cold air.

She was a little afraid and did not dare to go forward.

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