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When they were leaving, Zhao Yun called out to them again and whispered, “Are you close to Chenchens mother”

Song Yiyan gave him a look that said, “What do you think”

Zhao Yun sighed.

“Our psychiatrist has already told her everything that needs to be said.

However, I dont think her condition is good.

If you have a solution, help her!”

He had been through all kinds of cases, but there were no cases that were more despairing, worrisome, and angry than a childs disappearance.

Human traffickers were not humans, they were all beasts.

As long as the children landed in their hands, it was considered lucky to be sold to normal families.

But most of the endings were destined to be tragic.

They would end up like Chenchen and be tortured to death by those inferior humans.

Every childs disappearance was accompanied by a family tragedy.

When faced with such a situation, parents who lost a child would never be able to walk out of the shadow of losing a child.

“I understand.” Song Yiyan nodded.

She turned to look at the woman who was walking unsteadily and filled with despair, and sighed deeply.

She was actually a person who was afraid of trouble, but ever since she came here, she seemed to have encountered more troublesome matters.

Zhao Yun watched them leave before turning around and entering the police station.

He looked at the police officer who was arranging the information.

“Did you find any clues”

“Every year, the Eastern District Police Station would raid the area near where Nian Chenchens body was found.

There were no traces of the human traffickers since a few years ago, and the surveillance footage from five years ago was not easy to find.

The police have been doing their best to search.” The young male police officer had an angry look.

Anyone who saw the childs corpse would feel worried, he was still so young and had been tortured to such a state.

In the end, he was tied up and strangled to death.

The coroner had given the childs exact time of death.

At that time, the East District police station brought an informant to raid the human traffickers hideout.

In the building opposite the children, what awaited Nian Chen was death.

No one could imagine how desperate the child would be at that time.

Song Yiyan felt that she was a really good person.

She hailed a taxi and sent Chenchens mother home.

Chenchens body was still in the forensic unit and needed further identification.

“Sister, please, I beg you to stay for the night!” Chenchen was very worried for her mother.

Her mothers mental state was very bad.

He was afraid that his mother would commit suicide because of him.

“Im an outsider.

What excuse do I have to stay” Song Yiyan gritted her teeth.

“My mother is a very good person.

Its raining outside, she will definitely let you all stay for the night.” Chenchen looked at her pleadingly.

Song Yiyan was confused.

Did she look like a good person Why did everyone ask her to do this

The last time, she lived with the An family for a night and even accompanied An Yins mother for the entire night.

“Master, you have to be a good person to the end.

Help Chenchens mother, she just lost her child.” Yang Juan also helped plead.

As she spoke, she started crying.

“She must be very sad now.

She needs someone to accompany her.”

“If your mother doesnt want me to stay, Ill definitely leave,” Song Yiyan gave in.

She had planned to let Yang Juan and Chenchen stay here and let Chenchen enter his mothers dream to comfort her and say goodbye to her for the last time.

In this situation, these ghosts must think that she was easy to bully!

“Alright.” Chenchen looked at the woman in the kitchen and knew that her mother would definitely let the sister and the rest stay.

Mom had always been the best-hearted.

Even if she saw a tramp on the road, she would give them her umbrella when it rained.

Moreover, her sister and boyfriend had helped her so much today.

Her mother could feel how well her sister treated her.

Chenchens mother was preparing dinner when she dazedly scalded her hand.

Song Yiyan helped to treat the blisters and apply the medicine.

Chenchens mother looked at the girl in front of her and listened to the sound of the rain outside.

She carefully asked her, “The rain outside is quite heavy.

If the two of you dont mind, you can stay over tonight!”

“Auntie, its too troublesome.

Do you have an umbrella at home We can just take a taxi home,” Song Yiyan said politely.

“Its not troublesome.

There are many rooms in the house, and I clean them up every day.

Ill clean up a room for you two!” Chenchens mother smiled and got up.

Song Yiyan and Chenchens mother cleaned up the room together, the room was very tidy and spotless.

It was obvious that the owner of the house liked to be clean.

“The two of you can just make do with sleeping together for the night!” Chenchens mother placed the blanket on the bed.

Afraid that they would dislike it, she explained, “I just washed this blanket.”

The young couple must have loved the cleanliness.

She didnt know if they were used to sleeping together.

The bedding was new, but it belonged to someone else after all.

Some people werent used to it.

“Auntie, its okay.

Were not picky.” Song Yiyan smiled and helped put the pillow back.

From the corner of her eye, she glanced at Chenchen, who was sitting on the bed, swaying his legs.

Ever since Chenchen entered the police station, he had been following beside his mother.

But Chenchens mother could not see anything and did not know that her son was right beside her, watching over her.

Chenchens mother made dinner, cooked some dishes and noodles for them.

Song Yiyan didnt want her to do these things.

How could someone who was sad do these things However, Ji Xing said that it might be better for her to get busy, so she didnt stop her.

After dinner, Song Yiyan and Ji Xing went to wash the dishes.

Chenchens mother looked at the seat beside her in a daze.

She kept feeling like her son was just beside her.

Ever since she saw Yanyan and her boyfriend, she felt like they had brought their son over.

The familiar aura made her feel so sad that she didnt know what to do.

Song Yiyan and Ji Xings room was right next door to Chenchens mother.

The rain was still pouring outside.

“Be careful.” Song Yiyan looked at the man in the raincoat as he jumped out of the window.

She had wanted to raid the human trafficking den tonight.

Chenchen and Yang Juan did not want her to go over, but she wanted to go.

She was worried, so she asked Ji Xing to go instead.

The little paper effigy that she had left on the human trafficker at the entrance of the market had already replied to her and told her where the human traffickers were.

She had already called Zhao Yun to bring the police over to arrest them, but she was a little afraid that something would happen.

Chenchen still wanted to take revenge and agreed to let them go over to take a look.

“Sister, thank you.” Chenchen gave a deep bow to her, his eyes filled with gratitude.

“Master, dont worry.

I will definitely watch over Chenchen and not let those animals have the chance to escape.” Yang Juan also promised her.

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