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While everyone was busy and no one was paying attention to him, Qiao Zhengyu quickly ran to Song Jing and told him his plan.

Song Jing frowned and rejected him seriously.

“No, you cant do this!”

Qiao Zhengyu licked his lips and tried to persuade him.

“Brother-in-law, think about it.

We wont lose out on this.

Dont you dislike Ji Xing too If you drive him out of the Song family, Yanyan will be disheartened by him and wont believe in love anymore.

As a girl, no matter what, she still has to find someone to marry in the end.

Then you can help her find a suitable partner.”

Song Jing wavered.

“If Old Master finds out, hell break my legs.”

Qiao Zhengyu hurriedly guaranteed, “Dont worry, Brother-in-law.

Even if the truth is revealed, Ill definitely shoulder the responsibility alone and wont let the old man suspect you.”

He was not worried that the matter would be exposed at all.

What he wanted to do must be done flawlessly and definitely not leave any evidence behind.

“Xinxins innocence must be preserved,” Song Jing reminded him one last time before walking away.

Qiao Zhengyu chuckled evilly.

He wanted to see if that pretty boy would still dare to be so arrogant and disrespectful to him after today.

However, that young lady named Song Xin was really good-looking.

If possible, he must get her over to play with.

It was easy to fool a girl from the countryside.

He believed that with his charm, no woman could reject him.

During the meal, Qiao Zhengyu stood up, poured two glasses of wine, and handed one to Ji Xing.

“Ji Xing, we havent officially met yet, lets get to know each other officially here.

Well be family in the future.”

Ji Xing couldnt not give him face in front of so many people.

He took the wine glass and called, “Uncle.”

“Thats right.

After drinking this glass of wine, well forget all our past unhappiness.” Qiao Zhengyu pointed at him.

“Youre not allowed to not drink.

If you dont drink, youre not giving me face as your uncle.”

Ji Xing knew very well that he must not have any good intentions for urging him to drink so anxiously.

Song Jing also interrupted, posturing as an elder.

“Your uncle toasts you.

Drink it!”

“Drink.” Qiao Zhengyu raised his cup.

“Ill drink first!”

After drinking it in one gulp, he turned the glass upside down and did not leave a drop of alcohol behind.

Ji Xing picked up his glass and drank the entire glass of wine.

His eyes remained calm and there was a smile on his lips, he also turned the glass over.

“Uncle is right.

Well be family from now on.”

“Okay.” Qiao Zhengyu shivered from his gaze.

He felt that he had overreacted and cursed in his heart.

This little bastard must not be left alive! He was going to get rid of this big problem today!

Song Yiyan looked at Qiao Zhengyu and Song Jing, who were echoing his words, and became wary.

She had a feeling that they were planning something bad.

Song Chen was happy too, it was good that the family did not have any conflicts with each other.

When one was old, he liked this atmosphere.

When he was in a good mood, he could eat more food.

Qiao Zhengyu poured two more glasses of wine and handed one to Song Xin.

He smiled lovingly.

“Xinxin, its Uncles first time seeing you.

Lets drink one too, give Uncle face.”

Song Xinxin had been making wine with her grandfather since she was young.

She brewed all kinds of wine and naturally knew how to drink it herself, her alcohol tolerance was very good.

She accepted the glass of wine and drank it in one gulp.

“Good!” Qiao Zhengyu clapped happily.

“I didnt expect our Xinxin to be a heroine!”

This girl is not bad! He had to perform well and try to take her down in the next two days.

Qiao Yuan kept feeling that something was wrong, but she did not know what it was.

After dinner, Song Jing looked at Song Yiyan.

“Come with me.

Ill tell you about the entertainment industry.”

Song Yiyan had to give him some face in front of so many people.

Besides, he had mentioned the entertainment industry, so he might have decided to remove the ban on her.

She slowly got up and followed him.

Qiao Yuan looked at her worriedly.

When she passed by her, she pulled her and whispered, “Be careful with your words.

Dont make your father angry.”

Song Yiyan nodded casually and left.

Qiao Zhengyu saw that his chance had come, he first looked at Song Xinxin.

“Xinxin, its my first time here.

Wheres my room”

Song Tian looked at his granddaughter.

“Xinxin, bring your uncle over and let him have a good rest.

He drank a lot.”

Song Xinxin felt uncomfortable, as if she was on fire.

Her head was a little dizzy, and she did not know if it was because she had drunk too much.

She held in her discomfort and smiled.

“Uncle, follow me!”

Qiao Zhengyu walked behind and looked at Song Xin.

The fragrance from the girls body mixed with the smell of alcohol filled the tip of his nose, making him feel charmed.

He couldnt help but swallow, his eyes burning with lust.

Brother-in-law said that he could not do anything to her, so he would let her off temporarily tonight.

Anyway, she would be his sooner or later, so there was no hurry.

He could still tolerate it.

Song Xinxin had just opened Qiao Zhengyus door when she felt her body go soft and almost fell.

Someone supported her and she dodged as if she had been electrocuted.

“Uncle, this is your room.

You rest.”

With that, she ran away in a hurry.

After running a long distance, she touched her hand that had just been touched by someone and felt a wave of oiliness and disgust rise up.

Qiao Zhengyu sneaked a look and saw that Song Xin had returned to her room.

He then slowly walked out and stood by the railing on the second floor.

“Ji Xing, I need to move some things over here.

Come up and help me!”

His room was a blind spot in the living room.

No matter what he did, he would never be discovered.

Qiao Zhengyu watched as Ji Xing came up to him.

His evil plan had succeeded, and his lips curved into a wretched smile.

It would be done soon, there would be a good show to watch later.

Ji Xing came in and Qiao Zhengyu was guarding behind the door.

He held a stick in his hand and hit it against his neck.

Seeing that he was about to fall, he smiled darkly.

Afraid that the people below would hear him if he moved, he helped him up and then dragged him to Song Xins room.

The medicine he used was the most effective medicine on the market.

After the effects of the medicine took effect, it would cause one to lose all rationality and hallucinate, treating the other party as the person they loved the most.

He did not have to worry.

As long as he brought these two people into a room, he did not have to care about anything.

He guaranteed that they would be entangled together.

When the time came, he would only be responsible for bringing people to catch the adulterer.


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