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“What does that fortune teller look like” Song Yiyan thought to herself that he was quite detailed.

It was afraid that someone would find its nest so he made it so mysterious.

“I asked the people who went to Six Deities Temple like me.

The people they saw were all different from the ones I saw.” The womans expression was full of grief.

When she found out that a pregnant woman had given birth to a stillborn child, she was scared and tried to find someone who had been there like her.

In the end, the person everyone described looked different.

Some people met the fortune teller in linen garments, some met old men, some were middle-aged, and some were children.

In any case, they were all different.

But at the same time, the people there were all desperate for a child.

As long as they could get pregnant, they would be willing to give up their lives.

Moreover, for some reason, they only picked women who acted alone and spent all their effort to have children.

Perhaps they felt that these women were easy to fool!

Song Yiyan thought to herself that this evil creature had made a lot of connections in order to protect his secret.

Normally, women like her would be looked down upon by their in-laws for not having children.

Even if they felt that something was wrong later on, they would not dare to tell anyone else.

They would swallow any grievances silently, which could help him keep his secret so that he would not be discovered.

“Thank you.” Song Yiyan gave her a peace charm and an exorcism charm.

The woman held the talisman and felt an unknown feeling in her heart.

She held her hand and looked at her with swollen eyes.

“Can you really get rid of that thing I beg you to get rid of that harmful thing!”

She did not want more pitiful people to be like her.

After experiencing such a huge ordeal, they fell from the clouds to hell, and their hearts were like ashes.

“Okay.” Song Yiyan nodded.

He was a scourge and she couldnt let him harm anyone else.

The woman looked at her and suddenly felt that she had fallen into hell.

Her cold heart was filled with warmth.

She had never thought that at her most desperate and painful moment, the person who supported her was not her family, but a girl she had never met before.

Her parents had passed away early, and there were only her grandparents in the house.

Her grandfather was bedridden, and her grandmother had to take care of him every step of the way.

There was no way she could make the old man worry.

Moreover, she would not tell her husband and his family about this.

They probably wished that she died quickly so that he could marry a new wife.

“My condolences to you too.

Youll have another child.” Song Yiyan looked at her face.

This woman has a fertile look, indicating that she would have many children.

The woman smiled bitterly at her, laughing at herself.

In the end, she only held her hand tightly.

“Thank you.”

“You have to look forward.

You live for yourself, not for anyone else.

If you have to give up, then let go.

Its their loss that they dont cherish you.” Song Yiyan felt that since they had met, it was fate.

This woman is fertile, but at this moment, there was a black aura lingering around her and she was affected.

It was a sign that her marriage was not good.

As long as she broke away from this unfortunate marriage, she would find her own happiness.

The woman knew that she was definitely not an ordinary person.

She nodded vigorously and tried her best to hold back her tears.

“Thank you for your guidance, Master.”

After going through a life and death situation, she had already seen the true heartlessness of her in-laws and had given up on them.

She had already walked around the entrance of hell.

She was not even afraid of death, what was there to be afraid of Once she was better, she would get a divorce.

The next morning, Song Yiyan and Ji Xing left to try their luck on the mountain that the woman mentioned.

They wanted to see if they could find a way in.

Ji Xing was waiting for her in a teahouse at the foot of the mountain.

Song Yiyan went up the mountain alone.

The woman from yesterday said that they were all focused on the women who were alone.

There was an ancient temple on the mountain.

Early in the morning, groups of believers went up the mountain to pray to Buddha.

They said that there was a Dharma Assembly in the temple today.

This mountain was called Maoshan.

It was located in the Guangnan area, and the scenery was pleasant.

The air was fresh, and it was quite good to walk.

Song Yiyan walked over, her face full of worry and depression.

It was as if she had a stomach full of unspeakable worries, she sighed as she walked.

On this side of the mountain road, there was a small stall with the words “Fortune teller” written on it.

He placed a piece of cloth on the ground, along with two books and two sticks.

The fortune teller took a small folding stool and sat aside.

People like Song Yiyan were the easiest to target.

She was young, beautiful, and dressed well.

One look and you could tell that she was rich.

Along the way, many fortune-tellers got up and invited her over to read their fortunes.

Song Yiyan had rejected it.

If you rejected ordinary fortune-tellers, they would definitely not pester you anymore.

However, the believer of the six deities was definitely different.

He would pester you and ask you what happened.

Not far away, under a large pine tree, a fat middle-aged mans eyes darted around.

He quickly grabbed his signboard and chased after Song Yiyan.

Song Yiyan had noticed him long ago.

Other peoples stalls were on both sides of the road, only he ran far away, under the big pine trees away from the tourists.

“Young lady, I see that you are frowning.

Have you encountered some difficult problems Let me help you.” When the man smiled, he looked like a venerable Buddha.

Song Yiyan refused and kept walking.

Fatty persevered.

After chasing for a long time, he looked at her stomach.

“Young lady, youre here for this, right”

Seeing this, Song Yiyan pretended to be surprised.

Fatty had already confirmed it.

He chuckled and stopped her.

“Come, lets go to my stall.

Ill take a good look at it for you, I guarantee that youll succeed once I am done looking at you.”

Song Yiyan followed him suspiciously.

Fatty was delighted as he calculated how much he wanted to charge her and how much she could afford.

Anyway, the Six Deities didnt want the intermediary fee.

It would all belong to him.

Song Yiyan was like him, she had her own plans.

She was thinking about how she should kill the six deities, should she use fire to burn him to death with a Five Thunder Talisman

The fattys name was Liu San.

After telling her what had happened, he waited for her reaction.

Song Yiyan frowned awkwardly and looked at him.

“Can you let my husband go with me”

Liu San did not dare to disobey the orders of the six deities.

He waved his hand hurriedly.

“No, men cant go.

Didnt I tell you clearly If you bring your husband along, I wont be able to bring you there.”

“Ill double the price,” Song Yiyan negotiated.

Liu San was tempted, he agreed on the price and brought the woman in.

He would charge her 200,000 yuan.

If he doubled it, it would be 400,000 yuan.

However, he still refused.


Song Yiyan said, “He can wear female clothes, he looks better in female clothes than me.

No one will notice.”

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