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Ling Sheng shook her head.

“Hurry up and come over.

Uncle has something to ask of you.”

Song Yiyan scanned the room and her gaze landed on Ji Xing.

Other than her man, she felt that everyone else was unreliable.

Ji Xing patted the seat beside him and asked her to sit over.

Song Yiyan sat down with a bit of anxiety.

After she did the treatment for Little Sangyu and her mother, she had spent a lot of energy and her face turned pale.

“Uncle, if you have anything to say, just say it.

As long as I can do it, I will not refuse.”

With her relationship with Sheng Sheng, there was no need to beat around the bush.

It was best to get straight to the point.

Rong Yin said, “Someone from the Onmyoji Alliance looked for you”

Song Yiyan nodded and quickly explained, “They wanted me to join, but I didnt agree.

Am I the kind of person who can be imprisoned by an organization They have a lot of responsibilities, but I dont like them.”

They had looked for her multiple times.

Those old fogeys had looked for her many times and offered very generous terms for her to consider.

“I hope you agree.” Rong Yin was very serious.

“Ive just discussed with Ah Yan.

I hope you can enter the Onmyoji Alliance and become the Alliance Master.”

Song Yiyan was in a dilemma, she had always been a loner.

Even in her old world, many people wanted to rope her in and destroy her if they failed, but she had never given in.

“Uncle, I need to think about this.”

She liked the feeling of being carefree and didnt like to be restrained.

If she entered the Onmyoji Alliance, she would be tied up by all sorts of damn rules.

It was too annoying and didnt suit her personality.

“After you become the Alliance Master, Ill send people to deal with the subsequent problems.

As the Alliance Master, you dont have to do or care about anything.

I just need your name.” Rong Yin knew what she was worried about.

Song Yiyan said, “I cant be the Alliance Master just because I want to.

Uncle, have you reached into the Onmyoji Alliance”

Other than strength, she had nothing else.

There were many experienced people in the Onmyoji Alliance who would not let a newbie like her be their leader.

However, if Rong Yin and the rest really wanted to push her to the highest position, it was not impossible.

It seemed that the Onmyoji Alliance had angered the public, so they started to look for them.

She did not think that Shang Yu and Little Sangyus matter had such a big influence that Rong Yin would be able to make a move on the Onmyoji Alliance.

Rong Yin smiled.

How could such a huge China escape his control The Onmyoji Alliance was no exception.

It was just that their power was complicated and powerful and it was not easy to deal with them.

Since he had decided to use Song Yiyan, he wouldnt hide it from her and told her what he thought.

Whether she agreed or not depended on her, he wouldnt force her.

Song Yiyan thought for a moment.

Since she didnt need to spend much effort and could still be the Alliance Master, why not She nodded.

“Uncle, I can do it!”

She could not stand the arrogance of those people from the Onmyoji Alliance.

When she became their boss, she would see if they were still arrogant.

Just thinking about how she would become the Alliance Master made her eager to try.

“Alright, then wait for my news,” Rong Yin said.

While they were talking, Ling Sheng went upstairs to see Little Sangyu and the others.

It was none of her business anyway.

However, Song Yiyan was a lazy person.

She was amazed that she could agree to this.

When Situ Sang saw that his daughter and wife had woken up, he felt relieved and got someone to bring Zhao Chao away from the living room.

Rong Yin and the rest did not stop him, his wife and children had almost been killed.

They definitely had to teach the person behind the scenes a lesson.

After Song Yiyan agreed, she regretted it a little.

After they got into the car, she looked at Ji Xing with a bitter expression.

“Did I trick myself”

Ji Xing laughed and knocked her smooth forehead with his fingers, gloating.

“Didnt you solemnly promise that youll definitely become the Alliance Master just now”

Just now, in front of Rong Yin, he saw how arrogant she was.

She promised him that he would definitely be competent and then taught those arrogant Onmyojis a lesson.

She would teach them what true Onmyoji were and their true strength.

“I regret it, okay You know that Im afraid of trouble.” Song Yiyan pursed her lips and knocked on Ji Xing gloomily.

“Go downstairs and tell Uncle that I quit.”

Ji Xing raised his eyebrows and laughed softly.

“Its a little late to regret now.

Uncle should have already started planning.”

“What should we do” Song Yiyan felt like dying.

She lay on Ji Xings thigh and sniffled pitifully.

“Say something!”

“Dont you still have me” Ji Xing smiled even more lovingly.

“With me around, dont worry about those things.

Ill handle it well.”

Song Yiyan sighed, her head throbbed and she felt hot.

She immediately agreed and found something to do.

“Then youll be the Alliance Master.”

Song Yiyan turned around and blurted out without hesitation, “Ill be your puppet.”

Ji Xing couldnt help but burst out laughing.

He gently scraped the tip of her nose.


Song Yiyan had been tossed around for two days and was extremely tired.

She also expended a lot of energy saving people.

After a few words, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Ji Xing carried her out of the car and saw Old Master standing at the door.

He walked over.


Song Chen looked at his sleeping granddaughter in his arms.

If his legs werent weak, he definitely wouldnt let the little brat in front of him hug her.

He lowered his voice and asked, “What happened”

Why was she still asleep Was she drunk or tired

“Shes a little tired.

Ill send her back to the bedroom first and come out to find you.”

The young lady in his arms was sleeping soundly.

When they reached home and she was carried away, she did not show any signs of waking up, just like a lazy pig who was hungry for sleep.

Song Chen hummed in agreement, his eyes filled with displeasure.

Everyone from the Song family was in the living room.

Song Jing, his wife, Song Shu, his second son, Song Yang, and his grandchildren were all here.

Ji Xing looked at the people present with a calm expression, he nodded slightly as a greeting.

Under the gaze of the Song family members, he carried her straight to the second floor.

Song Chen even gestured for them to keep quiet.

Dont speak, it would wake up his precious granddaughter.

Everyone from the Song family looked angrily at Ji Xings back.

He had already entered the house and was so arrogant.

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