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“Are you questioning my professionalism” Song Yiyan hated it when people didnt believe her.

If they didnt, then dont ask.

But, she was still very friendly to her brother.

“Grandpa and Mom have already decided to let me marry her.

What can I do now” Song Heng sighed helplessly and painfully.

“Shes already pregnant.”

This matter had already blown up to the point of no return.

Other than marrying her into the Song family, there was no other way.

He had already proposed to break up with Bai Lu and she had already agreed.

He knew that he was a jerk and couldnt control his body.

Whatever happened in the future, it was retribution.

“Whats the girls name” Song Yiyan looked at him.

“Write it down for me, Ill help you take a look.”

Song Heng saw that she was so helpful.

He dipped his finger in the wine and wrote the girls name, Shen Ruoruo.

Song Yiyan frowned when she saw it.

“This name is a bad sign.

Third Brother, your birth characters contradict hers.

You cant marry her, this woman is destined to be a jinx.”

Song Heng frowned.


Where did she learn this She always told him everything she knew.


“Im not talking nonsense!” Song Yiyan frowned even more.

She studied him for a moment.

“Brother, the child in her stomach isnt yours! Youre a cuckold now.”

Song Heng gritted his teeth in anger.

“Youd better go back and sleep!”

“Dont be angry, Im serious.” Song Yiyan looked at him and pointed at his childrens palace.

“Your childrens palace is flat now, which means you havent had any children in the past two years.

You wont have any children yet, think carefully if you touched her that night.”

All these could be seen from the surface.

Shen Ruoruo was not a good person, how dare she lie to her brother!

Damn it.

If she wasnt smart, their Song family would have been deceived by someone.

They would be someones father and grandfather, she would also be an aunt.

Upon hearing her words, Song Heng began to ponder seriously.

However, he had drunk too much and his mind was filled with mush.

How could he recall “I dont know.”

Song Yiyan asked, “Dont you have a hypnotist that could help with this”

Song Heng sighed.

“I did, but I cant remember anything.

I was too drunk.”

“That woman is just too amazing!” Song Yiyan clicked her tongue.

“These days, all these girls dont follow the right path.

They only think about evil things.

Tomorrow, youll tell her to do an amniotic fluid puncture and identify whose child it is.”

Song Heng really did not expect this.

He had always thought that he was the one who did it and that the child was his.

Hearing her say this, he asked, “Will she really agree”

Song Yiyan sneered.

“Are you stupid If shes unwilling, she must have something else on her mind.

I guarantee you that shes not carrying your child.

Just go ahead and check!”

“What if its mine If she does the amniotic fluid puncture, how can she have a place in our house in the future”

Song Yiyan was amused by her silly brother.

“I already said that the child is not yours.

Why are you still thinking about her If you miss her, why dont you think about Sister Bai Lu, who youve ruined”

When Song Heng heard her mention Bai Lu, his expression changed.

He blamed himself and felt extremely regretful.

“Ill call my parents and grandfather over.

If you tell them, will they believe you”

Song Yiyan patted her chest and promised, “You can definitely trust me.”

Song Heng was shocked and delighted, it didnt matter if she didnt drink the wine.

If what she said was true, he would kneel down and kowtow to her, calling her a living god.

The Song family had yet to sleep because of Song Heng.

Who could sleep After such a big incident, they were all worried!



After listening to Song Yiyan, everyone was silent for a while.

Song Chen probed, “Yanyan, are you sure that what you said is 100% true”

Song Yiyan nodded.

“Of course, it must be true.

Would I lie to you”

Song Shus face darkened, and flames flickered in her eyes.

He slammed the table and said angrily, “If Yanyan is telling the truth, this girl is too scheming! Our Song family cant let such a vicious woman in.”

Song Shus wife, Ye Lingyu, also nodded.

Her eyes were red.

After knowing that her son didnt do such an embarrassing thing, she felt much better.

“Ah Heng, call her now and ask her to come over tomorrow.

Tell her family to come over too.

Well accompany her to the hospital and see if the child is really from our Song family!”

Because of her second sons matter, she did not dare to come back.

She was afraid that she would not be able to raise her head in front of her uncles and sisters-in-law if she looked at the old mans expression.

After such an ugly incident, how would she face anyone in the future

Song Heng nodded and took out his phone to call Shen Ruoruo.

Unexpectedly, just as he took out her phone, it rang.

Song Heng hung up the phone, his expression was ugly.

He looked at his family and said in a low voice, “Its Mother Shen.

She said that Shen Ruoruo had a miscarriage.”

Ye Lingyus vision darkened and she almost fainted from anger, but she tried her best to stay awake.

“Hurry up and ask if the child was taken care of!”

Alright, she must have had a guilty conscience and caused the miscarriage because she was afraid that they would have to do a DNA test or that the child would not look like Song Heng!

Yanyan was an Onmyoji and her skills were good.

He definitely chose to trust Yanyan and not the strange woman who used her pregnancy as a bargaining chip to marry into the Song family!

The Song family would definitely believe Song Yiyans words.

When they heard that she had a miscarriage, they were even more certain that it was a self-directed show by that woman who wanted to marry into the Song family.

The girl now was only in her twenties, so why was she so scheming How scary!

Song Heng stood up with a serious expression.

Before the matter was confirmed, he did not dare to accuse anyone.

“Ill go over and take a look.”

Normally, a good family and well-educated girl would not joke about her innocence and the life of her child.

Song Yiyan stood up and chased after him.

“Third Brother, Ill go with you.

I want to see if shes a human or a ghost.”

This woman was really ruthless.

In order to marry into the Song family, she even thought of such a tactic, what a vicious heart that woman has.

Ji Xing naturally chased after her.

Song Chen also instructed, “You guys talk to people properly when youre there.

Our Song family needs to subdue people with virtue and reason!”

Song Yiyan was amused and replied, “I understand.”

If they want to use virtue and reason to subdue others, they have to see what kind of person the other party was.

The other party clearly didnt even want their face anymore, so why give them face!

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