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“Nothing much.

Its just a company started by Ji Xing,” Song Yiyan replied frankly.

“Whats wrong They cant compete with us, so they started to slander us”

These so-called famous families and rich people were all the same.

They didnt have the ability to protect their family businesses, so they started to slander others.

What were they!

“They are all business families who have close business dealings with our Song Corporation.

Tell Ji Xing to let them off if possible.” Song Jing was furious, but he didnt dare to vent it on her.

Great! His son-in-law had established a company, and it was a large corporation that had recently caused a stir in the business world.

He actually didnt know, and he heard it from someone else!

Afraid that he would flare up at Song Yiyan, Qiao Yuan quickly pulled him back and stood in front of him.

“You didnt ask either.

Its not like Yanyan and Ji Xing deliberately hid it from us.”

Yanyan was right, it was all because they couldnt win the competition.

They could only blame themselves for that.

If they were capable, they would have bought the shares and had the right to speak in the company.

What do they mean by them using underhanded means They all had a clear conscience and had never done anything against their conscience.

Everyone knew how dirty their methods were.

“I didnt say anything.” Song Jing was afraid of her.

The whole family was on her side now.

What could he say What did he dare to say His eldest brother and the old man at home would beat him up.

“Yanyan, come here.” When Song Chen heard this news, he was so happy that his mouth couldnt close.

He waved at her and even called out to Ji Xing, who had just come out with Song Heng.

“You come over too.”

He had thought that when Ji Xing said he wanted to start a business, it was just a small matter.

He didnt expect it to be not as simple as he said.

He had already prepared a way out for him.

After his entrepreneurship failed, he would follow Second Brother to the army and be under him so that he could rise up.

Who knew that his small-scale fight would cause the rise of the latest star in the business world, the Universe Group It really gave him a surprise.

As for those people who were spouting nonsense, let them talk.

As long as they used legitimate methods and earned their assets openly, with him around, who would dare to mess around

“Grandpa.” Song Yiyan ran over and held him affectionately.

“What are you looking for me for”

Song Chen had to confirm if he was mistaken.

“The Universe Group is really the company that Ji Xing started.

Its the recent company that everyone was talking about, right”

Song Yiyan nodded.

“Its true.

Dont listen to their nonsense, they just dont have the ability and push their responsibilities and mistakes onto others.

Ji Xing is a businessman.”

Ji Xing had also come over and heard the discussion about him.

He knew that the young lady in front of him must have spread the word.

Other than her, no one knew that he was the boss behind the Universe Group.

Hearing Song Yiyans words, Song Chen nodded in agreement and led Ji Xing to the middle of the living room.

“Let me formally introduce everyone.

This is the future grandson-in-law of the Song family and the boss of the Universe Group.”

Many of the business owners of the guests who had recently encountered issues because of the Universe Group gritted their teeth in anger when they heard his words.

They all agreed that the series of attacks on them after Ji Xing established the Universe Group was all instigated by the Song family.

Initially, they wanted to use this opportunity to band together and threaten Song Jing so that he wouldnt go overboard.

After all, they had business dealings together and they had often given the Song Corporation benefits.

But now that Old Master Song said this, it was obvious that he wanted to support Ji Xing.

Needless to say, the person behind Ji Xing was the Song family.

Song Jing had just pretended not to know anything.

This was too much.

What did the Song family want to do Their family occupied half of the Chinese military, wasnt that enough for them to squander Now they even wanted to seize the business world and reduce their living space

Indeed, a man who is not content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant!

The Song family wanted to go to heaven!

However, in the face of Song Chen, the iron-fisted general who had dominated the world for a lifetime, no one was willing to stand out and speak.

They could only swallow their dissatisfaction and anger.

Song Jing had originally planned to reduce the matter to a small one and tell Ji Xing to let them off whenever possible.

In the business world, factions and relationships were important.

If he did not differentiate between enemies and allies, not to mention the other companies under the Song Corporation, even the Song Corporation would be greatly damaged.

However, the old man in the family clearly tacitly agreed with what Ji Xing wanted to do.

He would support everything.

This way, the business owners and heads of the various families who were attached to the Song family would definitely be dissatisfied.

They would be the ones who would suffer the greatest losses if they joined forces to resist the Song family.

As the head of the Song Corporation, he would never allow such a thing to happen.

Song Shu had just arrived and hadnt had time to change into his military uniform.

When he entered the hall, he heard what the old man had said.

He looked at Song Jing.

“What do you plan to do These people here have a deep relationship with our family.”

For a family to become so powerful on such a large scale, they would definitely need to have the support of other families.

The Song family had always been like this.

They had always been very close to their families and had maintained a relationship with them for decades or centuries, it was not something that could be broken immediately.

“Look at Dad.

Hes on Ji Xings side.

What can I do” Song Jing sighed deeply with a helpless expression.

“Youre Ji Xings father-in-law.

Hell listen to what you say, tell him to stop.

Otherwise, if he causes internal strife, it wont be easy to clean up the mess and it wont look good on him.” Although Song Shu wasnt in the business world, he still knew the rules.

“Brother, you should go.

He listens to you more than me.” Song Jing didnt want to talk to him.

Ever since that incident, Yanyans relationship with him had been very stiff.

Her boyfriend seemed to be polite to him, but in fact, he was as stiff as her.

“Youre his father-in-law.

Why would I go” Song Shu didnt know if the old man at home was senile.

It was such a big occasion and everyone was present.

Was this kind of obvious provocation something he could say

The Song brothers, Song Xu, Song Heng, and Song Han were also beside them.

They looked at the old man, Ji Xing, and Song Yiyan opposite them and exchanged glances, their eyes filled with surprise.

In the beginning, when Yanyan brought Ji Xing to the Song family, they were quite critical of him.

After all, she was their only sister.

No one would feel comfortable finding an unknown kid.

Later on, after getting to know him better, they felt that Ji Xing was a good person and they could get along with him.

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