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Song Jing didnt say anything and just glanced at him.

Ji Xing said, “Ill use my actions to prove that Yanyan didnt choose the wrong person.”

Song Jing was still very unhappy.

He wondered if other fathers felt the same way when their daughters got married.

Song Yiyan and Qiao Yuans results were out in half an hour.

She was confirmed to be eight weeks pregnant.

The Old Master Song hadnt arrived yet!

Song Yiyan didnt know if she should be happy or not.

She was already mentally prepared, but she still had mixed feelings about this sudden gift.

Qiao Yuan also knew that this was her first time being a mother, so she must be at a loss.

“Yanyan, when Mom was pregnant with you, I was at a loss like you.

I was flustered and it didnt feel real for a week, but the baby will feel your emotions.”

She could tell that Yanyan was more at a loss than happy about this child.

When she was pregnant with Yanyan, she was very excited and happy.

So was her husband.

Everyone in the family was also very happy.

Song Yiyan didnt believe her.

She pointed at the small object the size of an apple on the ultrasound.

“Its not even the size of an apple.

What can it know”

Qiao Yuan said, “Mommy knew that the babys arrival wasnt in your plan, but he still came.

This is a gift from the heavens, its a surprise.”

Song Yiyan sighed and touched her stomach.

“Mom, I didnt want to have a child so soon.

Im still a child myself!”

Qiao Yuan smiled dotingly and caressed her cheek.

“Dont worry, you dont have to worry about giving birth.

Dad and Mom will take care of it for you.

No matter what, you will always be my baby in front of me.”

Song Yiyan sniffled and it finally felt real.

She touched her stomach and said warmly, “Baby, its not that Mommy doesnt like you, its just that its too sudden.

Give me time to calm down.”

Even she felt that this was very sudden.

When Sheng Sheng was suddenly pregnant with Xiaoqi, she didnt even know who the childs father was.

How scared and nervous she must have been!

Sheng Sheng did not suffer from depression.

She admired her to death.

“I heard that Sheng Sheng is pregnant too.” Qiao Yuan held her arm and walked towards the VIP ward where Song Jing was.

“That child, Xiaoqi, is too likable.

The second child will definitely be as likable as her brother, they can be close together.”

Song Yiyan said, “We dont even know if theyre boys or girls.

What if theyre all boys or girls”

Qiao Yuan smiled.

“Then they will become brothers and sisters.

Isnt that great!”

Song Yiyan nodded.

This could work.

However, there was no need for a betrothal.

It was not ancient times, so there was no need for such arrangements!

Ji Xing was waiting at the door.

When he saw the mother and daughter return, he quickly went up to them.

“What are the results”

Song Yiyan stuffed the results into his arms.

“Look, youre satisfied now.”

She had never thought that she would get married with a child.

She felt that her grandfather might have expected this long ago, which was why he was so proactive in wanting her to marry Ji Xing every day.

He had already chosen a few dates.

Ji Xing looked at the report and ultrasound report and smiled like a fool.

Song Chen and Song Shu came over and saw him standing alone at the door of the ward, smiling foolishly.

Song Chen poked him with his walking stick.

“Why are you standing at the door Wheres Yanyan”

Song Shu shook her head helplessly.

Dad, are you here to see the Third Brother or Yanyan

Anyway, with Yanyan, the Third Brother was dispensable.

“This…” Song Shu saw the thing in his hand and his eyes flashed with obvious surprise.

“An ultrasound Yanyans ”

Song Chen didnt understand this and glanced at him strangely.

“What is this”

Song Shu smiled and explained, “Dad, your wish has come true.

Youre going to be a great-grandfather.”

Song Chens voice trembled with excitement.

“Yanyan is pregnant”

The smile on Ji Xings face never disappeared.

He looked a little silly as he showed the old man the ultrasound image.

“Here, the baby is here.”

Song Chens eyes were moist.

“Okay, okay!”

Song Shu looked at the old man.

“Dad, lets go in and talk.”

After Song Chen entered, he went straight to Song Yiyan.

“Yanyan, let Grandpa take a look.

Hurry up and let me see my great-grandson.”

Song Yiyan looked at the men who came in and stared at her stomach.

“Grandpa, its only so big.

It wont bulge immediately even if you stare at my stomach, why are you so agitated”

It would take at least four to five months for the pregnancy to show.

Why did it seem like she could give birth to the child immediately Wasnt he too anxious!

Song Chen smiled lovingly, unwilling to look away from Song Yiyans stomach.

Great, he was about to have a great-grandson!

Old Huo was still pestering him.

Who didnt know how to show off their grandchildren!

When Song Yiyan received Ling Shengs call, she had just climbed into bed and had yet to sleep!

After Grandpa told his family the news, Song Heng and the others rushed over as if they were looking at an auspicious item.

“Youre pregnant” Ling Shengs voice sounded from the other end.

Song Yiyan asked, “How did you know Why are you so well-informed I havent told anyone.”

Ling Sheng smiled.

“Look at your grandfathers social media.”

She only found out about it from her grandfather.

The old man of the Song family had already shown off and posted it on his WeChat.

The entire capital city probably knew about it!

Song Yiyan glanced at WeChat and didnt see her grandfather sending a message.

“I dont have one here, nor does Ji Xing.

My mother doesnt have one either.”

Ling Sheng asked, “Then how can my grandfather see it”

Song Yiyan said, “Ask the others again.

Im afraid my old man set up a system that only your old man can see!”

Ling Sheng laughed out loud.

“I think so too.

Your grandfather is as childish and cute as my grandfather.”

Song Yiyan said, “What do you mean At my third brothers engagement party, your grandfather went overboard.

He deliberately brought Xiaoqi over to pester my grandfather, angering him so much that he insisted that Ji Xing and I get married and have children.”

Ling Sheng said, “Your third brother is about to get married.

Why was he so anxious to have you and Ji Xing together”

“A special reason.” Song Yiyan sighed and enjoyed Ji Xings massage.

She narrowed her eyes.

“Now that he has gotten his wish, he wants to give me 50% of the Song familys shares!”

“Your grandfather gave you a reward My father and grandfather didnt give me a reward.” Ling Sheng was jealous.

“Youre so lucky.”

“Didnt your family transfer all their assets to you Your parents only have one daughter, so theyll give you everything in the future.” After saying that, Song Yiyan glanced at Ji Xing.

Ji Xing smiled dotingly.

“Ive already transferred all my assets to your name.

My entire being is yours.”

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