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Song Yiyan said, “That definitely wont do.

Jun Shiyan is too strange and difficult to talk to.

He definitely wont agree.”

Song Chen thought for a moment and said, “How about this On the 20th of this month, you can register your marriage and hold the wedding together!”

Qiao Yuan whispered, “Dad, this is too rushed!”

Its less than half a month away, how could they have had time to prepare so much

As the only girl in the Song family, Yanyans wedding couldnt be small.

When the time came, they would take wedding photos and design the wedding venue.

The time was too short.

“Its not short at all!” Song Chen smiled and said, “Back then, your mother and I got married after meeting twice.

It was less than a month.”

When Song Jing heard that his daughter was unwilling, he mustered his courage and acted like a father.

“Dad, you guys were different back then.

Our Yanyans wedding has to be lively, it takes time to adjust the design everywhere.

We cant be sloppy.”

Song Yiyan nodded vigorously.

They had already planned to kill the trash fish at Sheng Shengs wedding, nothing could go wrong.

She and Ji Xing could get married anytime, but there was only one chance to kill the trash fish.

If she missed it, she did not know how long she would have to wait.

Sheng Sheng had said that she wanted to get rid of the trash fish at her and Jun Shiyans wedding.

Uncle Huo and Auntie Nangong wanted to get married before that, but they were both rejected.

“Grandpa, lets push back the days!” Ji Xing also knew the importance of the matter.

Only by dealing with the trash fish could he settle it once and for all.

Song Chen said, “If Yanyans stomach is already big, how is she going to wear a wedding dress What if someone sees her and makes fun of her for getting pregnant before marriage”

“Grandpa, what kind of society is this No one will discriminate against me if I dont care about those things.” Song Yiyan was amused.

“Even if we dont get married and live together, no one will gossip.”

Song Chen just wanted them to get married as soon as possible, it would be great if they were legitimate.

He had already picked the date and told the world that he was going to have a little great-grandson.

“Dad, just listen to Yanyan and Ji Xing!” Song Jing also started persuading him.

“We still have to respect the childrens opinions.”

Song Chen glared at him, he had never heard him say anything about respect before.

If he knew what respect for children was, would he cut ties with Yanyan

Unfilial son.

Look at how much effort he spent to repair the relationship between them.

“Dad, its okay to push it back.

When I was pregnant with Yanyan, it was already five months before it became obvious.

If she wears a loose wedding dress, it wont be obvious,” Qiao Yuan chimed in.

Song Chen glanced at the four of them, it turned out that they had agreed to go against him.

“Yanyan, tell Grandpa why you cant get married together with that young lady from the Ling family”

Song Yiyan was a Onmyoji, so she said casually, “Grandpa, to be honest, I read her fortune.

If I hold my wedding before her, my marriage will not go smoothly in the future.”

Just as she finished speaking, Song Chen gave Ji Xing a death stare.

“Is what Yanyan said true”

Jun Shiyan doted on Sheng Sheng so much.

He definitely couldnt bear for her to suffer anymore unless their souls could be swapped.

Anyway, that was what Sheng Sheng had said the last time they chatted.

“Why do you think you want us women to have a child Youre so comfortable.” Song Yiyan was unhappy and poked his face angrily.

“When Sheng Sheng was pregnant, it was Third Master Jun who vomited.

Now that I am pregnant and the child is in my stomach, I still have to suffer from morning sickness.”

Ji Xings heart ached as he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

“Im sorry.

Its my fault for making you suffer.”

Song Yiyan hugged him back and sniffled.

Her voice was hoarse.

“Im sleepy.”

Ji Xing said, “Just one is enough.

We wont have another child in the future.”

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