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“Okay, lead the way.” Song Yiyan looked at him solemnly.

“Ask the pilot if we can speed up.”

It was more than 1,500 kilometers, and it would take about three hours to reach the place.

It was already evening.

In the image she saw, it was night.

The moon was high above her head, and there were the roars of beasts in the forest.

At this rate, it would be too late when they reached the place.

“Dont worry.” Ji Xing held her hand, giving her strength and comforting her.

“Uncle is a lucky man.

He will definitely be safe.”

Due to her pregnancy, her body was a little weak to begin with.

Seeing the scene clearly wasted a lot of her magic power, her face was so pale that it made his heart ache.

As soon as he finished speaking, the plane suddenly shook violently, and lightning and thunder sounded clearly in their ears.

Song Yiyan looked down, the thick clouds were dark and dense.

She could clearly see lightning crisscrossing the clouds and striking down through them.

“We encountered strong convection weather.

Buckle up,” the soldier beside them said calmly.

This was normal weather for them, there was no need to panic.

But for someone who had encountered this situation for the first time, they would definitely be afraid.

Especially since Miss Song was a girl, she would definitely be scared.

“Dont worry, our pilot is ranked high in China.” The soldier was afraid that they would be worried and afraid, so he extended five fingers.

The soldier who had followed Song Yiyans instructions to find the pilot in front also returned, he walked in the bumpy plane as usual and was very steady.

“Miss Song, theres strong convection weather ahead.

We can only maintain this speed, it will be dangerous if we accelerate.”

They were not afraid of danger, they had long put life and death aside.

However, Miss Song was General Songs only granddaughter.

Nothing could happen to her.

Minister Rong had already instructed that they were going to save people.

They also had to ensure their safety.

“This weather will affect the landing.” Song Yiyan wasnt worried about this.

She was worried about not being able to land accurately and wasting time.

“Our plane is the most powerful fighter jet in China.

Dont worry, the problem youre worried about will definitely not happen.” The soldier looked at her seriously and said, “The accuracy of our landing is 99%.”

Even as a soldier, he did not dare to promise 100%.

After all, nothing would be 100% without any mishaps.

Song Yiyan nodded.

“Got it.

Sorry to trouble you.”

The soldier saluted her and shouted, “Execute the order!”

The plane jolted again, and the fuselage tilted almost 45 degrees.

The soldier did not expect it to be so sudden, he lost his balance and fell straight across.

Ji Xing helped him steady himself.

After thanking him, he sat down in his seat, his eyes much more serious.

“Something is wrong.” Ji Xing grabbed Song Yiyans waist and made her sit still.

He looked at the soldier in front of him.

“Does this happen often”

The soldiers expressions turned grave.

They did not dare to lie and shook their heads.


It would be terrible if such a situation happened often.

It was true that they encountered convective weather often, but it was not right for such strong convective weather.

There was a loud explosion.

On the left side of the planes wing, a bright bolt of lightning struck in the direction of the fuselage.

Song Yiyans eyes narrowed as she ordered, “Open the window!”

The soldier was startled by her sudden order.

“Miss Song, you cant open the window.

The lightning wont hit the plane.

Dont worry, it definitely wont hit us.

Our fighter jet…”

“I said open the window!” Song Yiyan looked at them and scolded in a low voice.

“Im an Onmyoji, I know if it would hit me or not.

Open it now before its too late!”

The soldier in front received the order and opened the window.

Minister Rong had said that they were to listen to her orders and do whatever she said.

The soldiers were pale with fear.

They grabbed anything they could and waited for the strong convective air to enter.

Unexpectedly, there was nothing.

It was calm, as if the window was not open.

On the other side, Song Yiyan sent a talisman flying towards the lightning bolt and ordered loudly, “Close the window!”

With a rumble, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Two bolts of lightning collided at the spot where it just missed a fuselage, exploding into gorgeous sparks in the air.

The strange and beautiful scene looked like fireworks.

It was beautiful, gorgeous, and fleeting.

While everyone present had lingering fears, they looked at Song Yiyan with respect.

The lightning just now was too powerful.

It was not a huge force that an airplane could withstand.

If she hadnt attacked in time and it struck the plane, there would have been a problem with the plane.

The soldiers swallowed and did not look at each other, but they saluted her solemnly.

It was amazing! Were all Onmyojis so powerful How did she neutralize that lightning

What method did she use to prevent the strong convective air from entering the plane

In the sky, Song Yiyans ability and space were greatly restricted.

She couldnt do anything and let the dark clouds disperse to open a path for them.

Her body was a little weak, and she was afraid that she would waste her magic power for nothing.

If that happened, she would delay her search.

It was better to wait until they were close to their destination.

If the weather was still like this, she could give it a try and let the dark clouds disperse.

“Do you think theres something wrong with these dark clouds” Ji Xing asked Song Yiyan.

“Could it be man-made They probably received news that were going to save them.”

Since he was a general on the same level as Song Shu, his power in China could not be underestimated.

According to the current situation, Uncle Rong could not guarantee the confidentiality of this matter.

Song Yiyan leaned over to the window and took a look, her gaze became even colder.

“We cant rule out that possibility, but to make such a huge array formation, the magic power required is too great.

They cant possibly interfere with us all the way, right”

The clouds were abnormally dark and roiling, as was the lightning.

The energy was too great, ordinary Onmyoji could not summon such lightning unless…

“Tribulation Transcendence.” Song Yiyan suddenly smirked.

“Ji Xing, its because a living being is transcending the tribulation that it caused such a huge energy fluctuation.”

The soldiers at the side were confused.

While they found it magical, they were also in awe.

Was there really a tribulation They thought it was just made up in cultivation novels!

But they didnt dare ask anything, they did not want to know what was going on.

For soldiers, they had to be atheists to better serve their country.

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