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“Grandpa, this is too tacky.

Give me something practical.” Song Yiyan smiled at Song Chen, her eyes filled with money.

“I am so careless, what if I lose it”

Song Chen couldnt tell what she meant, he was seriously thinking about what was extraordinary.

Military medals were his treasures, he would give them to no one.

Song Yiyan then made a gesture of counting money and blinked at him.

Song Chen finally understood and laughed happily.

“Grandpas military achievements are tacky, but your money is not”

Song Yiyan grinned.

“Im just a commoner!”

Song Chen couldnt do anything about her.

“Okay, when your father comes back, Ill let him transfer Lucky Building to you and let you be a landlady, okay”

Song Yiyan nodded vigorously.

“Grandpa, you cant regret it!”

Lucky Building was an office building under the Song family.

The rent every year was more than a billion yuan, she could really be a landlady.

“When have I ever regretted it” Song Chen smiled at Ji Xing.

“Make more money and take care of this gold digger.”

Ji Xing smiled and replied, “Yes, Grandpa.”

Song Yiyan muttered and pointed at her stomach.

“Im not.

Its the other way around.”

Money was a good thing.

She still loved money the most.

“But Grandpa, wont my brothers have any objections if you give me the building” Song Yiyan knew that this kind of thing definitely wouldnt happen, so she still had to ask just in case.

“Hmph, who asked them not to give me great-grandchildren” Song Chen raised his chin proudly.

“Ill give him the two apartment buildings in Monte next.”

Song Yiyan smiled.

“Grandpa, Ill tell them immediately.”

They were both high-end residential areas, the value of two buildings was not much less than an office building.

The apartment buildings were also rented for public use, allowing her to meet the conditions of being a landlady.

“I dont expect anything from them.” Song Chen sighed and looked at her.

“Prepare yourself with Ji Xing and quickly arrange for a second child.

Ill get your father to give you two more hotels.”

Song Yiyan straightened her back and said seriously, “If I give birth to eight or ten children, will all the Song familys assets be mine”

Song Chen smiled lovingly and expectantly.

“The more you give birth to, the more Grandpa will give you.”

Song Yiyan curled her lips.

“Grandpa, youre treating me like a pig!”

Song Chen coughed.

“No, why would Grandpa think that Youre Grandpas precious granddaughter.”

Song Yiyan said, “I have an office building, Im already satisfied with being a landlady.

If you want a great-grandson, let my brother and the others have one.”

Song Chen felt wronged.

Didnt she like money She wasnt willing to have children even if he gave her money.

Forget it, he couldnt just depend on her.

He had to depend on the rest.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of children at home.

Any of them could have kids!

Song Yiyan and Ji Xings wedding was already on the agenda.

After Song Yiyans leave time was up, the filming of Director Li Rongs movie, Scorching Sun, was about to start.

She couldnt keep delaying it just because she had something on.

Li Rong didnt say anything, nor did he dare to say anything.

He couldnt wait to serve her, it was up to her when to film.

However, the other actors and fans were unhappy.

Why did they have to delay filming because of her

Who did she think she was She was just a small fry.

It was already a blessing for her to be the female lead of Scorching Sun.

There were so many big shots in the entertainment industry, but even the Movie King and Movie Queen did not dare to act like a big shot in front of Director Li Rong.

She, on the other hand, dared to put on airs.

During this period of time, because of the delay in filming, they were scolded again and again on the internet.

Before the production team officially announced the start of filming, they were rotated to be the team of other actors.

Song Yiyans studio and everyone else was very calm.

It was as if they had faded out of the circle and there was no response.

They were criticized for laying low and they desperately wanted them to respond.

Finally, Song Yiyan replied.

“Thank you for your concern, Im alive and well and busy inheriting the familys assets.

Im sorry I didnt look at Weibo.

Please pay attention, anyone would be unlucky for scolding me!”

Below, all of them were cursing.

No one believed that she would really inherit any family assets.

She might have found another rich old man who was about to die and waited for him to die before quickly inheriting his family assets.

Who was she trying to scare by calling them unlucky

The relevant actors of “Scorching Sun” had seen her at the opening banquet and knew her identity.

They were all quiet and did not dare to say anything.

Ruan Xiao also asked his agent to warn the fans and the moderators of the fan club not to speak ill of Song Yiyan.

But the more this was the case, the more the fans felt that there was something between him and Song Yiyan.

The main account wouldnt scold Song Yiyan, but he would use another account to scold her every day.

Fortunately, Song Yiyan was busy and didnt like to read gossip, especially on Weibo, where fans gathered.

She didnt log in for half a month and couldnt be bothered to manage her account.

As for those who cursed, if she couldnt see it, they were cursing themselves.

She was an Onmyoji, so she could do some spells and reflect them back, making them unlucky for a hundred days.

Ruan Xiaos fans, who scolded Song Yiyan the most, knew very well that they would be unlucky.

It was strange.

Ever since they scolded Song Yiyan, they were really unlucky.

They were so unlucky that they could fall on the ground when they walked on flat ground and were almost hit by a car when they went out.

They didnt dare to scold her anymore.

When they saw more people scolding her, they were so evil that they even gloated.

They wanted to see others suffer as they did.

Song Yiyan scrolled through the comments and realized that there were quite a lot of people scolding her.

She casually posted a second Weibo post.

“Everyone who praises me, they will become cute and loving.

Everything will go smoothly and they will be lucky!”

Just as everyone thought that there would be a wave of curses, Ruan Xiaos army rushed forward and praised her.

The anti-fans started to think that Song Yiyan had hired her own army.

How shameless, how could she praise herself

Indeed, shameless people were invincible.

Song Yiyan looked at the flattery below and couldnt stop smiling.

No wonder everyone wanted to be a celebrity and watch their fans praise themselves, they were so refreshing!

She could even imagine that when she posted on Weibo in the future, her fans would praise her.

“Miss Song, have you thought it through” Chen Xin was a little disappointed.

With her looks, it would be a pity if she didnt enter the entertainment industry.

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