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The Wen familys old residence needed to be repaired.

Without 10 days to half a month, they could forget about living there.

With Wen Ruoshuis personality, it was impossible for her to stay at Yan Yuanfeis place.

She rented a house near the hospital and moved in.

Shed been racking her brains for the past few days, but she couldnt remember what shed told him that night.

She was too embarrassed to go back and find him, she hadnt even gone back to get the luggage shed left at his house.

Her surgery lasted from morning to night.

It lasted for 18 hours, making her weak all over.

In addition, her low fever had been coming back.

Her body was already very weak, and she did not want to walk.

The neighborhood where she rented a house was a very old neighborhood near the hospital, it was hidden in a small alley.

The taxi couldnt get in, so she got out at the gate.

At 11:30 p.m., the neighborhood was very quiet.

As she walked, she didnt even see anyone.

The north wind howled and the street lights were dim.

The lights in the houses of the residents in the district were basically all turned off, walking on the road really gave off a sinister feeling.

Wen Ruoshui kept feeling that there were footsteps behind her, as if someone was following her.

She frowned slightly.

The further she walked, the faster the footsteps became.

When she reached the corner, she bent down and picked up a stick.

She was already prepared to stop and see who was following her.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her.

That person seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, grabbed her arm, and pulled her into his embrace.

The faint scent of ebony seeped into her nostrils.

Wen Ruoshuis raised knee was aimed at a certain spot on the mans body.

Just before she did it, she stopped and looked at him.

“Why are you here”

The street lamp was far away, and the corner was hidden in darkness.

The mans facial features became more defined, and he exuded an obsessive hormonal aura.

Yan Yuanfei let go of her hand politely and looked at her, his eyes filled with worry.

“Why are you back so late”

She was a girl.

It was dangerous for her to come back alone late at night.

“I just finished my surgery.” Wen Ruoshui didnt know what was wrong with her, she clearly had the ability to subdue the criminals.

However, the feeling of being worried and protected was completely different from the feeling of solving things herself.

She was happy now and cheering.

Yu Bo had already caught the person following Wen Ruoshui.

The man who was caught was afraid of being beaten up, so he quickly shouted, “Doctor Wen, its me, Im Cao Run!”

Wen Ruoshui looked over, he was indeed someone familiar.

He was an intern doctor from the surgical department who had been her assistant twice.

“Why are you following me”

Cao Run felt wronged.

“I… I didnt follow you.

I saw you going home alone, I was afraid you were in danger.”

Recently, there had been a case of a girl being raped in a nearby neighborhood.

In the neighborhood where Dr.

Wen lived, there were often girls reporting to the police that they had encountered an exhibitionist.

He was a little worried about her, so he followed her all the way to protect her, not follow her.

Wen Ruoshui did not say thank you.

Yan Yuanfei looked at that person and said, “I will be responsible for her safety.

Dont do such things again.”

Cao Run had never heard of Doctor Wen having a boyfriend.

Looking at the tall man standing beside the girl in an absolute guardian posture, his eyes flashed with disappointment.

“I understand.

It wont happen again.”

His goddess! The goddess that everyone in their hospital liked belonged to another man!

He liked Dr.

Wen, but he didnt even want to think about pursuing her and making her his girlfriend.

How could he be worthy of Dr.


Yan Yuanfei came to deliver her luggage, but when he saw where she lived, he wanted to pack her luggage and bring her home immediately.

“Thank you, Mr.


I wanted to go over and get my luggage in two days.” Wen Ruoshui was very embarrassed.

“Theres no need to trouble you.

I can go up by myself.”

“Must you be so polite to me” Yan Yuanfei thought of what had just happened.

At the same time, he was a little angry.

“If it was a bad person just now, what would you do”

Wen Ruoshui smiled.

“Dont underestimate me.

I can fight very well.”

As girls, they had to have the ability to protect themselves.

She had learned martial arts since she was young, so it was not a problem for her to knock down one or two people.

“How good are you at fighting” Yan Yuanfei looked at her.

“What if the person following you is also very good at fighting How are you going to get away”

Wen Ruoshui didnt know what was wrong with him today, he wasnt the one being followed.

Why was he so angry “Why would someone who can fight follow me I didnt do anything wrong yet Im being followed.”

“What if” Yan Yuanfei thought of all the possible outcomes.

“Im worried about you living alone.”

Wen Ruoshui frowned and muttered softly, “Then what do you want I cant go back to my house now”

“From today onwards, Ill move here.” Yan Yuanfei did not allow her to refuse.

“Or you can move to my house.”

Wen Ruoshui did not know how to answer for a moment.

She questioned him angrily, “Whats your relationship with me What right do you have to ask me this”

Yan Yuanfei said calmly, “Someone who cares about you.”

Wen Ruo was not good with words and had never quarreled with anyone.

For a moment, she did not know how to refute him.

She bit her lip and said, “Theres only one room and one hall here, and I dont want to go anywhere else.”

“Its okay.

Ill let Yu Bo arrange it.” Yan Yuanfei carried her suitcase into the living room.

The old houses in the old neighborhood were not big, but they were complete.

There was a room, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

There was no lack of furniture.

The house was warm, and he could tell that she must have redecorated it.

The sofa appliances were new, and there was new wallpaper.

After turning on the lights, it was bright and tidy.

Wen Ruoshui watched as the man naturally changed into slippers.

He searched the fridge and finally took a handful of noodles into the kitchen.

Wen Ruoshui was a little stunned.

Was this her house or his house Why was she so self-conscious She ran to the kitchen door.


Yan, are you hungry”

Yan Yuanfei said as he cut the tomatoes, “Ive been in a meeting and havent had dinner yet.

Do you mind if I borrow your kitchen”

Wen Ruoshui thought to herself, “Youve already used it.

Dont you think its too late to ask me now”

To be honest, she was even hungrier.

Shed been standing in surgery for 18 hours, and she was tired and hungry.

But she was exhausted.

If he hadnt come over and lifted her, she would have fallen asleep on an empty stomach and eaten in the morning instead.

Yan Yuanfei quickly scooped two bowls of tomato egg noodles.

Wen Ruoshui didnt need him to say anything.

She consciously washed her chopsticks and spoon before taking them out.

Smelling the fragrance, her stomach couldnt help but feel hungry.

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