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Chapter 160: You Had Many Girlfriends Before!

“Im not a child.

How could I get lost” Ling Sheng muttered.

Her heart was filled with sweetness as she pushed his wheelchair forward.

“Wheres Assistant An”

“Hi, Ms.

Ling.” An Yan suddenly appeared and greeted Ling Sheng respectfully.

Ling Sheng frowned in shock.

“Why are you so mysterious”

An Yan saw his Master turn around to look at him, which made him shiver uncontrollably.

He smiled apologetically.

“I wont scare you next time, okay”

Ling Sheng replied, “No, you wont.”

An Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

If shed said one word, Master would have skinned him alive!

Ling Sheng had originally booked an economy-class ticket, as she had bought it too late.

There was nothing else left.

Besides, she did not have high expectations for the flight; after all, it was a short three-hour flight.

Jun Shiyan upgraded her economy-class ticket to a first-class ticket.

The first-class cabin of China Airlines was extremely luxurious.

There was a single room and a big bed.

There was also a computer table with Wi-Fi beside it.

As soon as he got on the plane, Jun Shiyan started working.

Ling Sheng was lying on the bed reading the script, but she realized that she could not read anymore.

She only wanted to see what he would do.

Was she becoming more and more perverted

The man opposite her was having a video conference.

His serious self was different from his usual self.

Especially now, when he was exuding the air of a king who ruled over the world.

The executives in the video were speaking casually.

He did not speak much, but every single word he said hit the nail on the head.

He was really handsome and serious.

A man who worked seriously could make ones blood boil!

Half an hour later, the video conference ended.

The man closed his laptop and leaned against the chair, rubbing his temples.

He looked a little tired and he let out a low cough.

Ling Shengs eyes sparkled as she jumped down from the bed hurriedly and brought him a glass of water.

“Thank you.” Jun Shiyans voice was hoarse as he asked her, “Did I disturb you”

“No.” Ling Sheng shook her head hurriedly, her heart beating wildly. Third Master, continue. His voice was really hoarse, and his aura was very strong.

He was really handsome!

“Thats good.” Although Jun Shiyan had been working, the young girl he had been longing for had been by his side.

How could he be in the mood to listen to the nonsense of a bunch of unimportant people He had wanted to end the meeting for a long time, but he had to take care of the project immediately.

That was why he had endured it.

Although hed seemed to be working seriously, half of his attention had been on her.

How could he miss the sight of her infatuated face on the bed

“Third Master, you can lean on me.

Ill massage your temples!” Ling Sheng smiled as she looked at him, her eyes crinkling as she moved to the back to massage him.

“Wait.” Jun Shiyan suddenly grabbed her and bent down to take out a pair of disposable slippers that were under the table.

Upon seeing her bare feet, he said seriously, “You shouldnt catch a cold.”

Ling Shengs heart raced uncontrollably again.

When she saw the mans slender fingers gently grabbing her ankle to put on her shoes, she said hurriedly, “Ill do it myself.”

“Dont move.” Jun Shiyan grabbed her ankle with a smile and lightly touched her toes.

“Ill be done soon.”

Ling Sheng felt exasperated once again, and her black eyes were sparkling like stars.

Upon seeing the man in front of her, her heart softened and she nodded obediently.


Who said that old men knew nothing about pleasure

Lets have a private chat about that!

The man in front of her was indeed good at flirting!

He must have had many girlfriends before since he was so familiar with this!

“Third Master.” Ling Sheng looked at the man, feeling a little depressed.

She pretended to ask casually, “Youve had a lot of girlfriends in the past, right”


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