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Chapter 194: Drunk

However, despite how weird she looked, so what if shed had plastic surgery Given how much money she had, wouldnt many people follow suit to flatter her

Zhao Hong and Ling Sheng were next to each other.

On Ling Shengs left was an investor whose surname was Ma.

He was in his forties and he was bald.

His beer belly could pop open his suit, and when he smiled, he looked especially vulgar and greasy.

He was the second biggest investor of the movie.

Ever since he had seen Ling Sheng, his sleazy gaze had not left her.

He had poured her wine, picked up food for her, and started chatting with her.

“I heard that Ms.

Ling knows Little Lu.

Is that right” Zhao Hong asked Ling Sheng.

“Yes.” Ling Sheng admitted openly.

She had not been aware of Zhao Hongs background before, but after checking her background, she did not dare say anything carelessly, lest she made a mistake.

“Little Lu told me that the two of you grew up together.

You could be considered childhood sweethearts.

Why do you want to enter the entertainment circle” Zhao Hongs seemingly unintentional question brought their relationship under the spotlight.

The crew members looked down.

They had not expected the two of them to be childhood sweethearts.

They were not schoolmates who werent familiar with each other as Ling Sheng had mentioned.

However, since these childhood sweethearts were strangers now, something big must have happened.

She must have been pretending not to know him!

“I like acting.” Ling Sheng thought to herself.

She did not know what the woman meant by saying this.

Xiaxia had been watching Ling Sheng and Lu Xianzhi carefully.

She noticed that every time the old woman spoke to Sheng Sheng, he would get extremely nervous, as though he was afraid that the old woman would hurt Sheng Sheng.

“Were you and Huo Ci really together some time ago” Zhao Hong toasted her and touched her glass while smiling at her.

“It was fake news.

Senior Huo is my boss.” Ling Sheng took a look at the wine in the glass.

The white wine was poured by the man with the surname Ma, who was beside her.

Her glass was full of wine, so she took a small sip.

“Cheers.” Zhao Hong held a glass of white wine in her hand and finished it in one gulp.

She overturned the empty glass and looked at her.

Lu Xianzhis eyes were cold and dark.

His grip on his chopsticks tightened involuntarily.

What exactly did she want She had promised him not to touch Sheng Sheng!

Ling Sheng could not say no, so she could only risk it.

She gulped down a glass of white wine in one go, praying that the Third Master would fetch her soon.

She got drunk easily and spouted nonsense if she drank a little.

Drinking too much would knock her unconscious.

She had tested this with Sister Mei after she had gotten drunk for the first time.

As an artist, it was impossible for her not to get drunk and refuse to drink on certain occasions.

Under the circumstances, if Zhao Hong did not watch her finish her drink, she would not let the matter rest.

It was obvious that she would be drinking.


Lings alcohol tolerance is not bad.” Zhao Hong poured another glass for her and passed it to her.

“Lets have another toast.

I wish our movies box office sales will be very high.

I wish us a pleasant cooperation.”

“I wish the movie will sell well.” Ling Sheng forced herself to drink.

The number of glasses didnt matter once she drank one.

She was not afraid even if she got drunk.

The Third Master would fetch her.

Zhao Hong toasted Ling Sheng repeatedly, which made Xiaxia anxious.

As she watched her down nearly half a liter of wine, it did not seem like she was letting up.

Yi Jinrong stopped her and shot her a look.

The current circumstances were obviously forcing her to drink.

Preventing her would only anger Zhao Hong and end up making her drink more.

Zhao Hongs eyes were dark.

When she saw that the glass was almost full, the girls red face, which was as tender as a sparkling lily, made ones heart itch.

She smiled and said, “Director Yi, President Ma, you can drink.

Im a little tipsy, so I wont accompany you.

Feel free to order anything.

Dont stand on ceremony.

Its my treat.”


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