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Ling Sheng let out a cold laugh.

“Then he must be an old dog!”

On television, Huo Cis appearance could generate insane jealousy, as his face and figure were both flawless.

It would have been an injustice if he had not been popular.

Host: If the dog mother only gave birth to a boy, it should be her first pup.

Whats it called

Huo Ci: The dog mothers called Sheng Sheng, while the pups called Xiao Qi.

Host: Maddening, arent they Teacher Huos good at naming pets.

Smiling Huo Ci: Yes, they do anger me a lot.

Smiling Host: The Little Cis1 are interested.

They said its your first time taking care of dogs and they are afraid you wont do a good job.

Is there anything you want to say to the dogs

After pondering it for a bit, Huo Ci answered, “Doggies, its my first time being a father and a grandpa.

If I didnt do a good job, I apologize.”

Ling Xiao Qi frowned as he thought deeply.

“Mommy, is Grandpa talking to us”

“Hes the dog!” Ling Shengs heart suddenly softened as her eyes watered.

Upon seeing the ending of the show, she stood up, planning to leave.

She knocked on her sons forehead and said, “Hurry up and go to sleep!”


As for newbie Ling Shengs evil intention to harm the current popular beauty in the entertainment circle, Luo Xin, the news had died down because of the duos interaction when it had happened.

A celebritys biggest fear was not having public attention, for this would mean zero discussion about them.

Even a rumor or unpleasant news could sustain a celebritys popularity and keep them well-known, as someone would market it.

Ling Sheng kind of wanted to thank the person who had exposed the video because it had boosted her popularity, although not in a positive way.

She had gained many haters who sent her private messages every day, criticizing her in the comments section on Weibo.

Besides the haters, there were also a few adorable fans who trusted her and encouraged her to work hard every day.

She had even tried to create a Global Fan Club, adding Little Ye and Zhou Zhou in.

However, it only contained a pathetic number of twelve members.

That night, she received a call from Huo Ci before she knocked off.

That was the first time he had taken the initiative to call her.

He was calling to say that he had found her a celebrity agent and wanted her to go to the car to meet her.

What he meant was that if the celebrity agent was still there, he would congratulate her for that would mean that the celebrity agent had accepted her and was willing to take her on.

However, if the celebrity agent was not in, then she should not expect him to find her a celebrity agent again.

If the agent was unwilling to take her on, she would seriously be hopeless and unsuitable to be in the entertainment circle.

She would survive and die alone.

Ling Sheng hung up and let out a low curse wickedly.

Given his attitude, he was undeniably her biological father.

How far could his belittling attitude go She was pretty and she possessed good acting skills and a high IQ and EQ.

What made him think that the celebrity agent would not take her on

What kind of impressive celebrity agent was he talking about that would turn their nose up at her and reject her

However, what shocked Ling Sheng was that the celebrity agent was indeed d*mn impressive.

The first thing she did after knocking off was to find her car in the parking lot.

The moment she opened the door, she saw a pretty, mature woman with the vibe of a queen.

She emitted a strong and independent womans elegance.

On her fair, beautiful long legs was a laptop, and her slender and fair fingers were typing rhythmically away on the keyboard.

Her nails, which were painted red, were intricately beautiful.

Her profile was also very pretty.

Thanks to her light makeup, one could see the good condition of her skin.


Her stingy father had indeed invested a lot in this!

The woman in front of her was a well-known beauty in the entertainment circle.

She was the gold-medal celebrity agent Mei Xuelin, who was akin to a popular female lead with a gorgeous face and extremely strong capabilities.

Ever since she had debuted eighteen years ago, she had helped spiral three Best (Drama) Actresses, two Best (Movie) Actresses, and four Best Actors to fame, earning her the title of Best Actor/Actress Mass Producer.


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