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Chapter 259: Excellent Genes

Huo Ci despised her in his heart.

Why was she peeling it herself The Old Master had obviously seen how well the brat treated him and found it unfair.

Upon seeing the father and son fighting to curry favor like children, Su Xiyin smiled helplessly.

She placed the pickled fish in the bowl for Xiaoqi.

“Eating fish makes you smart.

Xiaoqi, eat more fish.

Dont be like your grandpa or great-grandpa.”

Huo Ci thought, Whats wrong with me

Huo Xiao thought, What do you mean

After dinner, the duo took Xiaoqi out for a walk.

Huo Ci was sitting on the sofa watching football when the brat approached him and tried to please him.

“Father, you must be tired after a busy day.

Let me give you a massage.”

Huo Ci said, “Im not tired!”

Ling Sheng smiled without losing her temper.

“Your feet must hurt, right Shall I give you a foot massage”

Huo Ci frowned.

“Spit it out.”

“Father, youre the best.” Ling Shengs words were very sweet.

She blinked her big sparkling eyes as she looked at him in anticipation and said, “I just want to borrow your music studio for a while.

Is that alright”

“No!” Huo Ci rejected her outright, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Father, Ill just use it for a while.” Ling Sheng tried to be gentle, as she did not want to be forceful.

Otherwise, she would tell her grandpa directly.

If he was unwilling, he would be beaten and scolded by her grandpa.

“Why do you want the music studio Youre not going to sing.” Huo Cis face was tense.

“Who said I wont sing Sister Su Yi has asked me to sing her albums main song with her.

I just want to practice in advance.

Im afraid that I wont be able to sing well and I will embarrass you.” Ling Sheng deliberately picked up on what he liked to hear.

Then, she saw her fathers expression relax a lot.

She mustered the courage to act coquettishly and said in a soft, sweet voice, “Father, Ill use it for a few days.


Huo Ci let out a snort and shot her a look.

“Dont touch the things inside.

If you break them, you will pay up.”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, Im really clever. She then stood up straight, smiled sweetly, and said in a clear voice, “Yes, I definitely wont move anything.”


She felt that she could already gauge her fathers mood and preferences well and achieve her goals.

Although Huo Ci had said that he did not care about her, he could not help but go up when she walked to the studio on the second floor.

Yes, he went up to monitor her lest she damaged his precious equipment.

“Father, why are you here” Ling Sheng had just entered the recording studio and picked up a song sheet from the table to try it out.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting Are you going to sing or not” Huo Ci stood in front of the control panel and started directing her.


Ling Sheng wanted to familiarize herself with the lyrics and song first.

When she sang it for the first time, she stumbled a little.

She speculated that it was a new song written by her father.

The words were handwritten in an ostentatious running script with beautiful handwriting.


On a different note, there were dedicated terms belonging to Huo Ci in the dictionary.

To use them, one was required to pay him a copyright fee.

One could imagine how scary it would be if someone was very talented.

One could come across that person in every field.

Huo Ci knew that her voice was good, but he had not expected it to be better than he had imagined.

The new song had been written under the bequest of Chen Lang for Su Yi, who was meant to be the lead singer.

This was the first time she auditioned for a song.

The brat was the second person to see the lyrics and melody of the song.

However, when he heard her voice, he felt that the song had been tailor-made for her.

The second time she sang it, Huo Ci looked at the delicate figure in the recording room and the smile on his face widened.

That brat had inherited his excellent genes.


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