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Chapter 262: Xiaoqi Beat Someone Up

Cheng Ye had to return to the production teams dormitory at night, so he chose to meet up during the day.

Ling Sheng was chatting happily when she suddenly received a call.

She told Yu Bei apologetically, “Brother Bei, I have something to attend to.

Have fun.”

Upon seeing the change in her expression, Shi Lingyu thought it must be something urgent.

She followed her and asked in a low voice, “Did something happen Do you want me to come with you”

“No need.

You can have fun with them.

Its not that early anymore.

I dont think I can come back.

Help finish my share of food.” After saying that, Ling Sheng took her bag and left.

“Hey, that beauty left.” Upon seeing Ling Sheng leave, Liang Shuye shouted, “Add me on WeChat before you leave, beautiful!”

That scumbag Yu Bei thought he was impressive just because he had gained popularity.

He had even threatened him.

Who was he He was just an 18th-tier celebrity.

It was already bad enough that he had humored him.

That girl Ling Sheng was the type of girl he liked.

Just looking at her made his heart itch.

She was only a D-list actress, which was not much better than an internet celebrity.

As long as he wanted to court her, there was no such thing as failure in the cards.

He had slept with countless 18th-tier female celebrities and internet celebrities.

To him, women were vain creatures who would do anything as long as they were paid.

What If one couldnt use money to get something, one must have spent too little money.

If one had enough chips, one could still make someone kneel.

“Liang Shuye, Im warning you again.

Dont get any ideas about her.” Yu Bei knew that he would not give up on his evil intentions and got angry.

“Shes not someone you can offend.

Shes not one of the small internet celebrities youve slept with in the past.”

“Yu Bei, lets see if I can sleep with her or not.” Liang Shuyes lips curled up wickedly as he threw the beer can on the table.

He then stood up and smiled.

“Ill be leaving too.

I have something to attend to at the company.

Have fun, brothers.

Happy birthday to you again.”

Chu Zhian and Ji Fanchen had only seen Yu Bei whispering to Liang Shuye.

They had thought they were on good terms, so why had he suddenly turned hostile

Yu Bei looked angry.

Liang Shuyes face was full of provocation.

“What happened” Cheng Ye asked Ji Fanchen softly.

Brother Bei had a mild temper, so he was not really an angry person.

However, even he could feel that Brother Bei was really angry.

He had been angered by that person.

What had they said

“I dont know.” Ji Fanchen patted his shoulder and asked, “Do you want to leave early My house is half an hour away.

You can take a look at Little Gray.”

Cheng Ye thought of Little Gray and could not help wanting to nod vigorously.

However, he shook his head and declined.

“No, I think Ill wait until the end before coming to your house to play with Little Gray.”

It was Brother Beis birthday, so he should stay and keep him company!

Ling Sheng arrived at the hospital in a hurry.

The kindergarten teacher had called and said that Xiaoqi had beaten someone and sent his classmate to the hospital.

He had asked her to come over and settle the dispute.

Outside the emergency room, Xiaoqis form teacher was already anxious as he waited for Ling Sheng to arrive.

Xiaoqi was very well-behaved.

He was a sensible and obedient child who united the other students in class.

He also had leadership capabilities.

Last week, he had chosen a new class monitor and Xiaoqi had been chosen.

How could such an obedient child hit someone He had beaten the other person so badly that his thigh had been fractured and he had been hospitalized immediately.

Xie Junhao, the other child, was in the senior class.

His thigh had been fractured, and he had wailed and screamed that Xiaoqi had hit him and pushed him down the stairs.


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