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Chapter 289: If You Dont Get Lost, Ill Get Lost

Xiaoqi was beside him.

When the red wine bottle flew up, he stood rooted to the ground in shock, not knowing how to dodge it.

“Xiaoqi!” Ling Shengs eyes narrowed.

When she dashed forward, she hugged Xiaoqi and dodged the flying wine bottle.


The wine bottle shattered beside her feet, and wine mixed with glass shards splattered everywhere.

Huo Ci looked like he had gone mad.

His red eyes scanned them coldly as he bellowed mockingly, “Get out! Get out!”

“Father, whats wrong” Ling Sheng pushed Xiaoqi aside.

Upon seeing that something was not right about him, she ran over worriedly.

Huo Ci had drunk too much, so his body swayed left and right.

After taking a few steps, he crushed the cake.

When his arm was grabbed by a hand, he flung it away.


“Father.” Ling Sheng did not know what had happened, but she was dumbfounded.

When she was flung away forcefully, she nearly fell.

She had to hold on to the chair to steady herself.

When her temper rose, she did not care anymore.

“Are you crazy”

“Yes, Im crazy.

Who the f*ck asked you to celebrate my birthday Get out! Get out!” Huo Cis head hurt as memories flooded his mind.

His birthday.

Candlelight dinner.

Countless unbearable memories that he had wanted to forget seemed to want to devour him completely.

“Is it my fault that I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you Is it our fault that Xiaoqi and I prepared a surprise the whole afternoon” Ling Shengs eyes were red, and she looked like a wronged child.

“Who told you to meddle in other peoples business I dont need to celebrate my birthday.

Get lost.

Get lost along with your son.

Dont let me see you again!” Huo Cis last bit of rationality was about to vanish.

He pointed at her and bellowed, “Get lost! This is my house.

Get as far away as you can! Get lost along with your son!”

“Father, youve drunk too much.” Ling Shengs voice was a little hoarse as she tried her best to comfort herself.

He was a drunkard, and everything he said was a result of alcohol.

She could not lower herself to his level.

However, for some reason, when she heard his words, her chest felt so uncomfortable that it seemed about to explode.

She gritted her teeth to control her temper and said, “Ill help you back to your room so you can rest.”

“Scram! Do you f*cking not understand the human language Im not drunk.” Huo Cis eyes were red with hatred as he enunciated each word clearly.

“Scram immediately! Scram!”

Ling Sheng was thrown to the ground by him, her palm stabbing into the glass as a result.

The pain woke her up instantly, and she said coldly, “I wont leave.”

“You wont leave Fine!” Huo Ci let out a cold laugh.

He suddenly picked up a chair and threw it at her.

Ling Sheng closed her eyes subconsciously when she heard a loud bang.

The chair hit the floor beside her.

Then, she saw Huo Ci smash whatever he saw like a madman.

Xiaoqi was scared out of his wits.

He cried as he called for his grandpa, his voice hoarse.

Upon seeing his mommy being pushed to the ground, he ran over and hugged Huo Cis thigh.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, whats wrong”

Huo Ci was about to kick him when his last bit of rationality made him stop.

He bellowed, “Scram!”

Ling Sheng rushed forward and hugged Xiaoqi.

She watched silently as he went crazy and smashed everything in the living room.

In the end, he turned around and pointed at them with a cold smile.

“Okay, thats fine.

If you dont get lost, Ill get lost!”

When the door was slammed shut, Ling Sheng did not know how to control her anger.

She wished she could leave with Xiaoqi immediately.


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