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Chapter 349: Hidden

Ling Shengs heart raced as though it was about to jump out of her chest.

She pretended not to understand.

When she looked at him, her eyes could not help but dodge his gaze.

“Youre bullying me for being uncultured!”


Who could explain this to her

Why was this man so seductive

When Ling Sheng reached the car, her heart could not help but pound.

She had failed to seduce him, but she had been seduced instead.

She had even been seduced twice in one day.

Did she not want to keep her reputation

She was now alone in the car.

The Third Master and Xu Xi were waiting outside, as she wanted to change.

Under the warm orange car lights, she could clearly see the clothes on the car seat.

Ling Shengs face flushed instantly.

When she saw the sexy underwear in front of her, her heart sank.

She picked up the bra shakily and took a look.

It was her size!



To think she had thought he was a gentleman.

She had not expected him to be no different from other men.

How had he discovered her size

Or did he do this kind of thing often Did he know the size of a girls clothes just by looking at her Were his eyes a measuring tape

Jun Shiyan got in the car and picked up a towel to dry her hair.

However, he realized that the young lady was staring at him faintly, as though he had made an unforgivable mistake.

She even snatched the towel away.

Ling Sheng wiped her hair in annoyance.

Her actions were very rough, as though this was not her head.

She thought hatefully, No wonder men are considered perverts.

“Whats wrong” Upon seeing her violent actions, Jun Shiyan reached out and grabbed her wrist.

He frowned slightly.

“Are the clothes inappropriate”

Ling Sheng gritted her teeth and did not say anything.

Then, she felt the mans warm hand gently take the towel in her hand.

In a displeased tone, the man asked Xu Xi, “Were they brought based on the measurements provided by Little Ye”

Xu Xi nodded hurriedly, scared out of his wits.

His voice was tense as he said, “Yes, Master.

I definitely brought them based on the size Ms.

Lings assistant gave me.

If they are not appropriate, Ill get someone to take them back.”

Ling Sheng looked up and happened to meet the mans narrow, concerned eyes.

His thin lips moved slightly as he said, “Dont wear them if theyre not appropriate.

Someone will bring a new set of clothes later.”

Ling Sheng shook her head hurriedly, wishing she could dig a hole and hide in it.

However, she really wanted to look at him.

She had misunderstood him.

She had tried to gauge a gentlemans character by her own mean measures.

It turned out that he had only discovered her size after asking Litte Ye.

She had thought…


“Why is your face so red Do you have a fever” Jun Shiyan placed his big hand on her forehead naturally and touched his forehead to compare.

Then, he muttered to himself, “You dont have a fever.

The heater must have been turned on too high.”

Ling Shengs big eyes looked seriously at the man in front of her.

His face was as gentle as jade, and his eyes were soft and warm.

Even though the two of them were so close, his actions and eyes did not contain a hint of desire.

Or rather, he was restraining himself.

It turned out that there was really a man in this world akin to those found in books, who would get intimate but would stay within certain boundaries when facing someone they liked before confirming a more intimate relationship.

He was someone who absolutely respected her wishes.

Meanwhile, Ling Sheng was trending again.

Mei Xuelin watched a video of the dance she had performed at the Imperial Capital University twice and could not help but smile.

She looked at her as though she was a treasure.

This girl was a living treasure.

She had hidden her skills well.

Unless she had rehearsed for eight to ten years, how could she have mastered this dance She had the standards needed to directly debut.


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