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Chapter 362: Going to the Amusement Park

Xiaoqi was a good child.

He reminded his great-grandmother not to walk too much and told her to rest properly.

After saying goodbye reluctantly, he left with Grandpa.

Grandpa drove while he sat obediently in the passenger seat.

He struggled to pull out his seatbelt and put it on, his eyes sparkling with excitement and anticipation.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, where are we going”

“To the amusement park.” Huo Ci gave him a disdainful look and let out a low cough, his handsome face stiff.

“Dont move around.

Sit properly.”

Xiaoqi sat upright like a little pug.

He was so happy that he wanted to clap his hands, but he was afraid that Grandpa would scold him.

Was the amusement park like the ones in picture books There were many fun things there that flew into the sky.

There were also pirate ship rides and water slides.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got.

Huo Ci looked at the child beside him.

D*mn, what had he done Why was he taking a child to the amusement park

He already regretted it.

However, words were like water that had been spilled.

He would just take him out for a walk.

Xiaoqis eyes curved as he looked ahead with big eyes.

He then shouted happily, “Grandpa, youre really nice!”

Huo Ci let out a snort.

It was useless.

There was no point in flattering him.

They would go out after walking around inside.

He had no time to play with this little thing at the amusement park.

When they reached the amusement park, there were no tall buildings around them.

When Xiaoqi saw the Ferris wheel flying in the sky, he leaned against the window and pointed excitedly.

“Grandpa, its a Ferris wheel.

Shall we sit on there”

“Thats for adults to play with.

Children cant do it.” Huo Ci shattered his fantasy.

Xiaoqi was a little disappointed, but he still nodded obediently.

In a tender voice, he said, “Then Xiaoqi can play around.

He can play on a slide in the water or on a pirate ship.

Mommy said that children can play too.”

Huo Ci thought, Hes crazy! What kind of madness has gotten into him Is it too late to go home now Mother should not have left yet.

That brat should go home!

On Saturday, there were a lot of people at the amusement park.

Many parents brought their children over to play.

When they entered, they saw a few children sitting on their fathers shoulders.

Xiaoqi stared at them enviously.

If he had a father, he would definitely let him stand tall on his shoulders.

Would Uncle Jun let him do that

Uncle Juns legs were injured, so he could not do that.

Upon seeing the brat staring at him, Huo Ci tugged at his hand to raise it.

However, he did not make a scene as he walked beside him.

He was unlike other brats, who made adults carry them even though they were four or five years old.

When the adults did not buy certain things for them, they also started wailing at the top of their lungs.

In comparison, this brat was simply too well-behaved and sensible.

He did not cry or make a scene.

Despite his young age, his flattery was top-notch.

Xiaoqi was disappointed for a moment, but he soon diverted his attention.

He was extremely excited.

When he saw all the kinds of amusement equipment around him, his eyes could not take it anymore.

He had seen these things in a picture book.

They had to be very fun.

Huo Ci was prepared to leave with him after a walk.

Since they were at the amusement park, there were many people around.

No matter what they wanted to do, they would have to line up.

After walking for a long time, he saw that there were only a few people on the roller coaster.

He directly led Xiaoqi over to line up.

The staff member maintaining the order took a look at the small child, who did not even reach the adults knee.

She walked forward and said, “Sir, this roller coaster ride is not recommended for children under 14 years of age and 1.4 meters tall.

Your son is too young to ride a roller coaster.”


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