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Chapter 363: Not My Father

What kind of father was this She really could not let that man look after the child.

He had actually tried to take the child on a roller coaster.

How unafraid was he

“Auntie, hes not my father.

Hes my grandpa.” Xiaoqi corrected her seriously.

He looked up at Grandpa and shook his hand.

“Go and ride it by yourself, Grandpa.

Xiaoqi will wait for you here.”

The staff member was stunned.

What a young grandpa.

Thankfully, he was fashionable and was wearing sunglasses and a cap.

If one did not look at his face, he looked like he was in his twenties.

He even had a grandson.

Besides, the adorable little ball in front of her had melted her heart.

He was so young, yet he was really sensible and warm-hearted.

When the people in line heard him say in a tender voice that he would wait for the adult, they were amused.

The child was too adorable.

They wanted to hug him and kiss him.

There was also a pretty lady who passed him delicious food to play with him.

However, the child had obviously been taught well.

He thanked her politely and declined.

He did not eat anything that was given to him.

Huo Ci frowned.

Children could not get on this ride.

He hugged Xiaoqi immediately.

“You heard it.

Children cant get on this ride.

Lets go home!”

Xiaoqis face withered as he pouted in grievance.

In the end, he nodded obediently and said in a soft voice, “Okay.”

Oh my! The staff member beside them was stunned.

The child was so sensible that it made her heart ache.

She said, “Sir, if you keep going forward from the roller coaster ride, youll reach the Magic Castle.

Children can play in the facilities inside.”

Huo Cis eyes, which were hidden behind his sunglasses, shone with a dangerous light, but she could not see it.

He gritted his teeth in anger. Mind your own business, I dont want to play with him!

Xiaoqi tugged at Grandpas clothes and talked to him carefully.

“Grandpa, can Xiaoqi go to the Magic Castle to play Xiaoqi can play by himself.

He is a big child.”

The child tried to argue logically, but he looked a little scared and aggrieved.

He simply captured the hearts of the surrounding tourists.

If they had such a child, they would give him everything he wanted.

Huo Ci looked at the sparkling eyes around him, which were trying to make him compromise with their gazes.

Everyone seemed to be saying that he was a bad, shameless person.

How could he be like this He was an adult He was worse than a child.

Huo Ci held back a mouthful of blood.

D*mn, how had he become an evil person He carried Xiaoqi to the Magic Castle and watched him run excitedly before getting on a ride and waving at him.

“Grandpa, come over quickly.”

“You can play by yourself.” Huo Ci shot him a cold look. No, Im not going.

“Sir, your child is too small.

You have to accompany him.” The staff member walked up to him and said that the ride was about to start.

Huo Ci was speechless.

Xiaoqi had a lot of fun.

He played a lot of games, watched a 3D show, tried the building blocks, happy home, police training machine, and jumping frog, and embarked on an adventure in the North Pole.

He was extremely excited.

Huo Cis gaze followed him faintly.

F*ck, why did he want to play with a child Why had he wanted to accompany him and do such a childish thing

When they went out, it was dark outside.

Xiaoqi tugged at his grandpas hand and looked excitedly at the person selling cotton candy.

“Uncle, I want blue cotton candy.

I want the biggest size.”

Huo Ci paid with a dark face as he watched the little fella hold a piece of cotton candy the size of his head.

What was he eating It was all food coloring.


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