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Chapter 364: Kidnapping the Child

Xiaoqis fair, tender face was flushed, and he was having fun.

He swayed his short legs as he sat on the bench with Huo Ci to rest.

He picked up some cotton candy and brought it to his mouth.

“Grandpa, have some.”

“Im not eating that.

What the hell is that” Huo Ci showed contempt.

When he opened his mouth, the child stuffed the cotton candy inside.

He tried it, and it was sweet and fragrant.

It seemed to taste good.

When passersby saw the duo on the long bench, they could not help but take a few more glances.

The little child looked very exquisite.

He was as fair as a porcelain doll and he was shaking his legs as he ate the cotton candy.

When the little packrat was not paying attention, the parent sitting beside him quickly plucked a ball of cotton candy and stuffed it into his mouth as though nothing had happened.

Actually, when Huo Ci thought about it, his mood was not that bad after playing with the brat.

The cotton candy was quite sweet.

After leaving the amusement park, he said that he would take Xiaoqi out for dinner and took him directly to a bar.

Xiaoqi did not know what was in front of him.

It was dark, and there was a strange smell around.

Someone was dancing, and the music was chaotic.

He tugged at Huo Cis sleeve in fear, afraid that he would lose him.

Huo Ci ordered fries, roasted chicken wings, pistachios, and popcorn for him.

He also ordered a big plate of fruit, a glass of water, and two glasses of wine.

After drinking a glass of wine, he was called away.

Someone he knew said that a kid who was great at dancing had come to the bar and was having a dance battle with someone.

He invited him over to join in the fun.

Huo Ci took a look at Xiaoqi and knocked on the table.

“Be good and dont move an inch.

Do you hear me Ill be back soon.”

Xiaoqi, who was chewing on a chicken wing, nodded obediently and said incoherently, “I understand, Grandpa.”

Huo Ci pointed at him and warned him softly, “What did you call me just now”

Xiaoqi, who was a smart child, hurriedly corrected himself.


Only then did Huo Ci leave in satisfaction.

He took two steps and stopped a waiter.

He then pointed at Xiaoqi and asked him to watch the child.

Xiaoqi ate a big chicken wing, drank a glass of water, and started eating popcorn.

After eating all the popcorn, he felt thirsty.

Unfortunately, there was no more water.

He thus stood up and grabbed Grandpas drink.

After taking a sip, he frowned and stuck out his tongue, his face scrunching up.

Grandpas beverage tasted awful!

The waiter saw the child sitting in his seat for a long time before he staggered over on his short legs as though he wanted to run.

He hurriedly stopped him.

“Where are you going, kid Your parent doesnt want you running around.”

“Uncle, I want to go pee.” Xiaoqi looked at the person in front of him and rubbed his eyes.

It was strange.

There were a few uncles in front of him who looked the same.

“The bathrooms right in the front.

Come back quickly!” The waiter led him over and stood guard at the door, wanting to wait for the child to come out.

However, he was quickly dragged away by a troublemaker.

After Xiaoqi was done peeing, he was stopped by two men.

They were fat and had tattoos on their necks.

They squatted in front of him and gave him a piece of candy.

“Little child, where are your parents This place is very dangerous.

Let me take you to your parents.”

Xiaoqi did not take the candy and shook his head in fear.

His mother had said that he could not leave with strangers.

The person in front of him was really scary.

“Little child, Uncle has a lot of toys and food.

There are also a lot of children waiting to play with you.

Uncle will take you there, alright” The tattooed mans eyes shone as he tried his best to act kind.

The young boy in front of him was really good-looking.

He had not expected to meet such good stuff at a bar.

This child looked good, so he would definitely be a high-end product that could fetch a high price.


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