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Chapter 366: An Eye-Opener

His companion was stunned.

He did not dare move, and his limbs were stiff.

When he saw the man in the suit walking toward him, he wet his pants from fright.

Xu Xis body was full of murderous intent, and in a moment, he had beaten the duo to the ground.

Blood flowed all over the ground, and the floor beneath the tattooed man cracked.

Xiaoqi was lying in Jun Shiyans embrace, crying for a long time.

He hugged his neck sadly and fearfully while sobbing.

Jun Shiyan looked at the two men lying on the floor and asked them, “Did you just say he was your son”

Xu Xi kicked them.

“Kneel properly and reply.”

The tattooed man knew that he had offended someone he shouldnt have.

His organs had been kicked so hard that they had shifted position.

With a look of horror, he endured the pain and knelt down.

“Big Brother, I was wrong.

Hes not my son.

Please let me go.

I just saw that he was alone and wanted to help him.

I didnt expect that there would be a misunderstanding.”

His companion was also kneeling on the ground, his mouth still dripping with blood.

He did not dare speak as he trembled in fear.

They had been doing illegal business for decades and had seen all kinds of people.

However, this time, fear welled in his heart.

“Ling Xiaoqi, Ling Xiaoqi, did you flush yourself down the drain while you peed” Huo Ci shouted as he entered the washroom, his handsome face full of panic.


He had only been gone for a while and had told the brat to wait.

However, Xiaoqi had disappeared by the time he had returned.

The waiter had said that he had gone to pee.

Xu Xis expression changed suddenly as he stole a look at the Third Master.

Then, he saw the anger in the mans eyes and he frowned sensibly.

The Sixth Master of the Huo Family was indeed a person without a care in the world.

He had actually brought a child to a bar!

When Jun Shiyan heard Huo Cis voice, he was instantly infuriated.

He looked at the child in his embrace, his eyes full of danger and murderous intent.



He had actually brought Xiaoqi to this bar.

If he had not happened to be there, he could not imagine what would have happened to the child.

When Huo Ci stepped in, the first person he saw was Jun Shiyan.

Xiaoqi was still in his embrace, so his eyes blazed.

“Ling Xiaoqi, get over here!”

Xiaoqi shrank back in fright and hugged him even tighter.

He sniffled and cried even harder.

“Little brat, I called you, did you not hear me Are you deaf” Huo Cis eyes reddened as he tried to snatch him away.


The adult and child did not let him have an easy time.

Did they want to anger him to death

“The way Mr.

Huo takes care of a child is really eye-opening.” Jun Shiyans thin lips moved slightly, and his eyes were full of mockery and suppressed anger.

“Third Master Jun, what does this have to do with you” Huo Ci growled angrily.

“Its none of my business why youre taking care of the child, Mr.

Huo.” Jun Shiyan shot him a cold look and pointed at the two men kneeling on the ground.

“I just want to ask you one thing: If Xiaoqi had been captured today, how would you have explained this to Sheng Sheng”

Only then did Huo Ci see the two people kneeling on the ground with their faces covered in blood.

His eyes turned cold.

“What did you say”

“Those two are human traffickers.” Jun Shiyans lips curled up coldly in mockery.

His fists tightened as his expression finally changed.


Huo, if your education methods involve bringing a three-year-old child to a bar and letting him drink alcohol, forgive me for not agreeing.”

Huo Ci choked on a mouthful of blood as he looked at the situation in front of him.

He could not deny the mans contribution.

If it had not been for him, the brat would have really been taken away.


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