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Chapter 372: Pink Bubbles

Therefore, there was a reason for this to happen.

She could guarantee that in a few years, Mo Ning would definitely be on par with Director Qian.

It was even possible that she would occupy half of the variety show world.

Upon seeing the change in her gaze, Ling Sheng touched her face.

“Why Do you think Im pretty Have you fallen in love with me I have no intention of coming out! I like men.”


Leave quickly.

I dont like women either.” Mei Xuelin chased her away in disdain, but her eyes were smiling.

Upon seeing that her collar was folded, she called her back to straighten it.

“How old are you Why should I worry about what youre wearing”

“Thank you.” Ling Sheng smiled.

“Ill be leaving then.

Dont see me out.”

Mei Xuelin watched her leave as though she was the first daughter of her family who had just grown up.

She was extremely proud.

This girl was someone with great potential.

She had such a good relationship with Mo Nings team that they seemed like siblings.

She would not have to worry about variety shows in the future.

It would just be up to her to decide whether she wanted to appear on them.

Besides, the style of Mo Nings variety show was heartwarming.

It would not make people have a stiff impression of her.

It would not be like what she had said while watching her show.

This time, Ling Sheng had gone to C City to film a variety show.

Little Ye and Zhou Zhou had followed her to take care of her.

Little Ye was a girl who was very attentive and could take care of her daily.

Zhou Zhou was in charge of protecting her.

While she had been taking advanced classes, Zhou Zhou had not been idle.

He had gone to the boxing gym to practice so that he could protect her.

When they went out, the weather was not good.

Black clouds covered the sky, and a storm was about to strike.

Ling Sheng was on the phone with Jun Shiyan.

Her eyes were smiling, and her voice was as sweet as cotton candy.

“Yes, the flight leaves at two oclock.

Ill be there at around 4:30.

Someone from the television station will come to fetch me.

Dont worry.”

Zhou Zhou and Little Ye looked at each other and smiled.

Every time Sister Sheng Sheng was on the phone, there was no need to mention how sweet she was.

Her whole body was covered in pink bubbles of bliss.

“Yes, well film tomorrow.

Well be filming for about a day.

Ill be back on a plane at night.” Ling Sheng reported her schedule.

Before long, it started raining heavily outside, making it so noisy that she could not hear anything.

“Third Master, its raining outside.

I cant hear you clearly.

Ill send you a WeChat message!”

After hanging up, she heard Little Ye say that a hailstorm was taking place outside.

Upon listening carefully, she heard the pattering sounds on the roof of the car.

These were definitely not raindrops.

It was terrifying.

“Why did the weather change so quickly Can we still set off today” Ling Sheng looked out of the window worriedly.

The white sky was covered in rain clouds, so visibility was very low.

She could not even see the cars outside clearly.

“If it keeps raining like this, we will definitely be late.” Zhou Zhou frowned.

He did not know when the rain would stop.

It was so heavy that it was like a downpour.

Before the hail could fall, it was mostly melted by the rain.

Since such heavy rain and lightning were combined, the plane definitely could not take off.

After a two-hour delay, it still looked dark outside.

Ling Sheng and the others were in the VIP lounge.

When they saw the weather forecast, they were a little anxious.

They had to arrive by tomorrow at the latest.

If they really could not make it, they would take the high-speed rail.

Zhou Zhou was already looking at high-speed rail tickets, but there were no high-speed rail tickets that day.

No tickets were available.

There was a lot of traffic from the capital to City C, so one had to buy tickets in advance.

Little Ye said that it was no longer raining outside, so there should not be much of a problem.

They would take off after the area dried off for a while.

Indeed, it was soon announced that the passengers could board the ferry.

Ling Sheng and the other two had just gotten out of the ferry when they bumped into Xu Xi.

He looked at her respectfully.


Ling, the Third Master happens to be flying to C City too.

He asked me to come and invite you over.”


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