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Chapter 381: Blacklisted

Ling Sheng thought for a while, rubbed her slightly itchy nose, and looked at him seriously.

“Really He was worried about me He wants me dead every day!”

Upon seeing her indignant look, Jun Shiyan clenched his fists.

It was obvious that the father and daughter rarely had a peaceful time together.

He smiled and nodded.


How can parents not dote on their children Your father just doesnt mean what he says.”

As people said, the person who understood one the most would always be ones opponent.

They had been at odds for more than 10 years, so he knew what kind of person Huo Ci was.

He was the kind of person who acted tough but was soft-hearted deep inside.

Besides, Huo Ci valued relationships a lot, including kinship and brotherhood.

Plus, Sheng Sheng was his biological daughter.

If he did not care, he would not have reacted that way.

Ling Sheng thought for a while.

That seemed to make sense.

However, even if he was angry, he could not hit her without a reason.

She was a girl, yet he had slapped her in front of many people.

How could she not be embarrassed

After she heard Jun Shiyans advice, Ling Shengs mood finally improved a little.

She spoke to her grandparents and Xiaoqi for half an hour before hanging up.

Fifth Uncle was also at their house.

After she hung up, he called her and said that her biological father had asked him to go over.

He was worried sick and asked her if she had called her father to report that she was safe.

He was quite anxious.

Ling Sheng hung up.

Thinking that she had done something wrong, she decided to forgive him.

She took out her phone and called him.

The first time the phone rang, no one answered.

The second time it rang, the call was not picked up.

She then realized that she had been blacklisted.


Ling Sheng held back her anger and started to send WeChat messages.

No one replied to the first message, and the second message was rejected.

She had been blacklisted again.

Ling Sheng was so angry that she threw her phone to the ground.

What was the point of this How old was he Why was he throwing a tantrum like a child He was ignoring and blacklisting her for no reason!

Upon seeing the young girl get angry again, Jun Shiyan guessed that she had been rejected.

Actually, when he thought about it, her personality was really similar to Huo Cis.

Why had he not guessed that they were father and daughter

Ji Fanchen had already called her to say that he had arrived and asked when they could go over.

If they were late, he would take Xiao Ye out to find stinky tofu to eat.

Ling Sheng said, “Then I want some too.

Were quite close.

If theres no traffic, well be there in 10 minutes.”

Then, she looked at Jun Shiyan to seek confirmation.

Upon seeing the man nod, she said firmly, “Just wait 10 minutes.

I want to drink milk tea.

Get me two cups!”

Ji Fanchen did not know how to buy milk tea and did not like sweet food.

He tugged at Cheng Ye, who was about to run away.

“What kind of flavor do you want”

Ling Sheng, who was not familiar with the milk tea there, thought for a while.

“You can ask for the shops signature milk tea.

After you buy it, go directly to the private room.

Its already been reserved.

Room 302.”

Ji Fanchen hung up and tugged at Cheng Ye, refusing to let him run.

As though he was looking at a child, he sighed helplessly.

“Wait for me.

Lets not get separated.”

Director Qians new variety show, “100 Transformations Broadcasting”, had invited three of the eight Immortals: him, Sheng Sheng, and Xiao Ye.

Sheng Sheng had promised them early in the morning that they would meet up that afternoon and have some fun.

He and Xiao Ye had arrived in the morning, and Sheng Sheng had arrived in the afternoon.


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