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Chapter 384: Super Amazing

Later, when the funds had been withdrawn, the small business had been managed by his subordinates.

He did not care about such things.

He did not know how the companys development was going.

Ji Fanchen, who had always been a man of few words, started chatting in front of Jun Shiyan.

Ling Sheng and Cheng Ye looked at each other.

They did not understand anything about business.

What was going on Why were the two of them chatting Did they still want to eat

In the end, Ling Sheng interrupted their conversation.

“Dont talk business over a meal.

Cant the two of you talk after eating”

Ji Fanchen was a little agitated.

He knew that if it had not been for Sheng Sheng, he would not have been able to meet a bigshot like the Third Master.

It was his honor to talk to him.

The Third Master was indeed the number one person in China.

They had only chatted briefly, but he had already understood what the expressionlistening to a wise mans words was worth more than ten years of studying meant.

Halfway through the meal, Cheng Ye shouted excitedly, “Its true! Its true! The officials have sent news that the plane has landed safely in H Provinces S City.”

Ji Fanchen could not help but look at the news on his phone.

The comments below were full of blessings, joy, and thankfulness.

Someone had even joked that the plane had flown over half of China and only realized that it had been flying in the opposite direction after landing.

Actually, they should be glad that China was rich in land and resources.

Otherwise, things would not have been so simple if theyd flown from China to another country.

Ling Sheng also took a look.

She had posted on Weibo long ago that she had not been on the missing flight.

She had also prayed for the missing flight.

Now that the plane had been found, she posted on Weibo again to express her happiness.

The Peanuts had been shocked and overjoyed for half a day, so their emotions were complicated.

Upon seeing the official announcement that the plane was safe, they immediately started giving out prizes—lottery fashion—in the supertrend thread.

They did it for Ling Sheng, as well as for the flight attendants and passengers on the plane.

Jun Shiyan fed her peeled prawn meat.

When the young lady saw the official news, she heaved a sigh of relief and felt the stone on her chest drop.

At that moment, he was only glad that he had gone to the airport to fetch her.

Otherwise, he really did not know how he would have survived the past few hours.

Cheng Ye was a fool.

Upon seeing that the plane was fine, he was overjoyed.

He felt that he could eat two pounds of crayfish.

Ji Fanchen looked at the man and woman sitting opposite him.

He could not believe that the man opposite him, who had gentle eyes and was peeling crayfish for the girl, was that legendary, unreasonable, arrogant, and king-like person.

When they parted ways, Ji Fanchen watched them leave with a respectful look in his eyes.

There was some fanaticism and excitement in his heart.

Cheng Ye tugged at him, unable to understand why he was so agitated.

He asked softly, “Brother Chen, is the neighbor really impressive”

He had never seen Brother Chen be so respectful around anyone.

He could not understand what theyd been saying.

He knew that when Brother Chen had first started the company, its operation had been difficult.

His neighbor had helped him, but the neighbor had not even known who he was.

“Yes.” Ji Fanchen nodded vigorously, using words he could understand to describe him.

“Very impressive.

Extremely impressive.

Hes more impressive than the most impressive person you know.”

Cheng Ye frowned.

Great, now he knew that the neighbor was impressive, but he wanted to drink milk tea again.

“Brother Chen, Ill buy us milk tea.

What kind of flavor do you want”

Ji Fanchen let out a low sigh.

Fine, telling him was pointless.

It would be better to accompany him and have his favorite milk tea with him!


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