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Chapter 398: My Girlfriend

Jun Shiyan nodded and smiled lovingly.


Upon seeing the young ladys back disappear, he opened his palm.

There was a heart-shaped folded piece of paper on it that had been folded very beautifully.

When he opened it bit by bit, he saw the slightly ostentatious standard script on it.

The words were strong and gentle, round and smooth.

The handwriting was very pretty.

It did not look like it was a young ladys work.

It was indescribably unrestrained and pleasing to the eye.

The hundreds of words of “Dear Gu Recital” had been written with one stroke.

There was not even a trace of a smear in the middle.

This was enough to show the young ladys talent, or perhaps it was her heartfelt happiness that had made her write it with such spirit.

Jun Shiyans smile deepened as he looked at her.

So this was how she felt in her heart.

After looking at it over and over again, he said happily, “Xu Xi, prepare a pen and some paper.”

Xu Xi did not understand.

He thought the Third Master was inspired and wanted to write a piece.

After preparing a pen and some paper, he stood aside respectfully.

The man in front of him started writing with a joyful expression on his face.

He had just finished singing the words of “Dear Gu Recital” when his eyes opened wide.

Oh my god, was the Third Master crazy Was he writing about himself

Jun Shiyan put down the pen and admired the young ladys masterpiece again.

He then said, “Xu Xi, frame this and hang it in my office.”

Xu Xi let out a low cough, thinking that he was crazy.

However, he did not dare say anything.

He only lowered his head slightly and replied, “Yes, Third Master.”

He was about to leave with the Third Masters calligraphy piece to find someone to frame it.

Coincidentally, there was a famous master framer in C City.

“Theres also this.” Jun Shiyan handed Ling Shengs manuscript to him as though he was holding a treasure.

“Take it.

If you even tear a corner, go and switch jobs with He Xie.”

What kind of treasure was this He was not some king of destruction who would really destroy it.

However, he had to have the guts to do that.

“Yes, Third Master.”

“Right.” Upon seeing that he was about to leave, Jun Shiyan stopped him.

“After you frame this, turn it into a photo frame and place it by my bedside in my bedroom.”

Xu Xi looked at it again and again.

Suddenly, he recalled that this piece of paper seemed very familiar.

Wasnt it the one Ms.

Ling had folded when she had come over It had even been folded into a heart-like shape.

No wonder Master had written a poem for her.

So this had been written by Ms.


Now that he thought back to the content, he realized that single people could not offend people in love.

Did they have to be so abusive Just watching their public displays of affection was stifling!

When Ling Sheng returned, everyone was still resting.

Cheng Ye was lying on a wooden board on the ground.

Ji Fanchen had been sitting and reading a script.

His head was resting on his thigh, and he had fallen asleep on top of the cover of the script.

Ling Sheng secretly took a photo and posted it on the group chat of the Eight Immortals.

Immediately, the hearts of an entire group of people ached.

Was Xiao Ye tired Why was he lying on a wooden board What was wrong with the production team There seemed to be no place to rest.

Shi Lingyu: Let me tell you something.

Im flying to C City in the afternoon.

Shall we meet tonight

Ling Sheng: What are you doing in C City Didnt you already join your film crew

Yu Bei: Her cake shop in C City is opening soon.

Shes coming for the opening ceremony.

Ling Sheng: How did you know

Yu Bei disappeared.

Shi Lingyu: Yes, its a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Ill bring you some cake and come to visit your film crew.

What kind of food do you want

Ling Sheng thought for a while

Ling Sheng: I want to eat something thats filled with Snow Whites[1]!

Yu Bei suddenly jumped out again.

Yu Bei: Beautiful! Do you know how much each Snow White costs

Jiang Yi: My heart aches.

Ling Sheng paused as though she had discovered something incredible.

Ling Sheng: The two of you are not kind.

When were you together

Shi Lingyu: I wanted to tell you officially when we met.

Yu Bei: @Shi Lingyu, let me introduce you.

This is my girlfriend.

Ling Sheng ran over and squatted beside Ji Fanchen, patting his arm.

“Get on WeChat and look at the group chat.

Hurry up, something big has happened.”

Ji Fanchen took a look at the news record and said calmly, “I knew!”

Ling Sheng clenched her fists.

Fine, was she the only one who had not known “How great of you guys.

To think I thought of you as friends!”

Upon hearing her voice, Cheng Ye woke up and picked up the script covering his face.

“What are you talking about”

Ling Sheng showed him her phone.

Cheng Yes eyes widened as his voice suddenly became louder.

“Sister Sheng Sheng, Sister Yu and…”

[1] A kind of expensive strawberries.


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