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Chapter 399: Getting Back Together

Ling Sheng covered his mouth immediately.

She felt a little better knowing that he had not known about this.

She then asked Ji Fanchen, “Who else knows”

Ji Fanchen pointed at himself.

“Jiang Yi, Shi Lingyu, and Yu Bei.”

While the three of them were talking, Qian Yi started shouting.

The afternoon filming session was about to start.

Ling Sheng scanned the area and saw Gu Shen and Luo Xin walking over side by side.

They were no longer having a cold war like they had in the morning.

Instead, they were chatting and laughing.

Had they reconciled

The third scene started in the afternoon and involved a live broadcast and a race.

As the host of this episode, Shangguan Yu took the script Old Qian had given him and started reading the rules.

“For this round, you will be divided into two groups.

Each group will include three people who will be eating, broadcasting, and delivering lines.

Before the broadcast, they will be reciting a tongue twister provided by the production team.

If one person makes a mistake, the whole group will start from the beginning.

The one that uses less time will win.”

The groups were reassembled.

Just like in the morning, they started randomly picking balls.

The colors were the same.

Ling Sheng, Cheng Ye, and Shangguan Yu were in the same group.

Although it was not the best combination she had expected, she was still satisfied.

As long as she was not with those two, she would do anything.

Ji Fanchen, Gu Shen, and Luo Xin were in the same group, but he did not care much about that.

As long as Sheng Sheng was not in the same group as them, he did not care.

Ji Fanchens group was made up of actors with good acting skills and nice line delivery.

They were much better than Ling Shengs group.

For good actors, delivering lines was the most basic skill.

It was definitely not a problem for them to complete a tongue twister.

From simplest to most difficult, the food included friend flour gurel, one sweet potato, and two eggs.

They would say the tongue twister before eating.

In the past, one had been unable to drink water during the later rounds.

One would only have drunk water after completing a mission or failing.

When everyone was sure that the food had been swallowed, they would whistle.

The round would then be definitely over.

The two teams would have a rock-paper-scissors showdown next.

The winning team would get priority.

Since the actors had won, Ling Shengs team would be the first to go.

The three of them were unwilling to eat eggs.

Since they could not drink water, they might as well choke to death.

It was useless, even though Shangguan Yu was a senior.

This was a variety show.

Who was not a senior compared to him

In the end, a simple rock-paper-scissors game was used to decide the order.

Shangguan Yu ate the eggs, Ling Sheng drank the fried gruel, and Cheng Ye ate the sweet potato.

Ling Sheng had no problem with it.

She cleared the tongue twister in one take, and Cheng Ye was equally good.

He cleared the tongue twister in one take as well.

When it was Shangguan Yus turn, he got stuck.

The mission failed, so they switched to the other group.

Initially, they had thought that nothing would happen to Ji Fanchens team.

Theyd thought that they would pass this round in one go, but someone made a mistake.

Ji Fanchens tongue twister was a failure.

Every time it was his turn, they got stuck.

Although Gu Shen and Luo Xin said that it was alright, they started to get anxious.

After all, their score was the lowest.

When the final score was calculated, the loser would be punished.

Both teams had a lot of problems.

After three rounds, other than the last person eating the eggs, most of them were full.

It was Ling Shengs turn again.

The three of them held hands and shouted in a domineering manner, “Go, go, go!”

This time, Ling Sheng would eat the eggs.

In the end, her heart was in her throat.

When she saw Cheng Ye finish eating the sweet potato, she hurriedly started to recite the tongue twister.

She cleared it in one go.

She then peeled the eggs excitedly and started eating.

She nearly choked when she swallowed the whole thing.

The three of them whistled in unison.

Old Qian stepped forward and was about to hit the clapper board when the time was up.

The mission had been a success.

Ji Fanchen suddenly walked over and pointed at Ling Sheng.

“Whistle again.”


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