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Chapter 400: Muddling Through

Then, in front of everyone, Ling Sheng started to whistle.

Her mouth was shaped extremely round, and her posture was very standard.

However, only blowing sounds were heard.

There was nothing that sounded like whistling.


Both the guests and the production team burst out laughing.

Before she could even whistle, her failure was announced.

Gu Shen looked at Ji Fanchen in amazement.

“How did you know she couldnt whistle”

This stinky woman was too sneaky.

She had been whistling with the other two people, and they were quite loud.

Who knew that she could not make a sound It was the remaining two people who had whistled.

Luo Xin also smiled symbolically and let out a cold snort in her heart.

She must have done it on purpose.

Who would not know how to whistle She was obviously trying to get more attention.

However, on second thought, if it had not been for Ji Fanchen, she would have definitely gotten away with it.

She wasnt doing it for attention.

Ling Sheng panicked.

“I dont know how to whistle!”

Shangguan Yu was also laughing so hard that he was out of breath.

Although she was part of their team, he still wanted to laugh.

What should he do Why was she so funny If she had not been exposed, he would not have known that she had not managed to whistle.

She had even done it with them in an attempt to muddle through.

Cheng Ye looked at her.

“Didnt you whistle a lot in the past”

Then, he even imitated her whistling.

“I was inhaling, not whistling.” Ling Sheng felt depressed.

She had even demonstrated how to inhale to produce music.

It had been quite nice.

“Ha ha ha… Then youre finished.” Gu Shen, who had been filming for a long time, had also gotten into character.

After all, this was a variety show.

He was livelier and more gloating than usual.

“Youll never win.”

Ling Sheng pouted and looked at the director.

“Can I breathe”

Qian Yi held back his laughter and said generously, “If you dont know how to whistle, breathe in.

As long as you can make a sound, that will be enough.”

The production team was overjoyed.

Why was she so adorable Did she want to make them laugh to death They really did not know how many tricks she would pull.

It felt like she was the highlight of this episode.

This scene was not very eye-catching, but Ling Shengs actions had made everyone laugh.

In the end, Ji Fanchens team won and each person got 10 points.

The current total score was…

Ling Sheng: 38 points.

Shangguan Yu: 18 points.

Ji Fanchen: 27 points.

Luo Xin: 18 points.

Cheng Ye: 16 points.

Gu Shen: 11 points.

The fourth scene, which was also the last part of the show, was about the Hongmen Banquet.

She changed into a gorgeous banquet outfit.

Then, they were rearranged into groups of three.

Heaven did not abide by ones wishes.

Even though Ling Sheng had prayed a million times in her heart, she was still assigned to the same team as Gu Shen.

She let out a deep sigh and comforted herself internally.

Forget it.

Since the show was ending, she would just bear with it.

Group One: Ling Sheng, Gu Shen, and Ji Fanchen.

Group Two: Shangguan Yu, Cheng Ye, and Luo Xin.

A long table had already been brought out.

The six of them knelt on the mats according to their respective groups and waited for the food to arrive.

Old Qian read the script personally and cleared his throat.

“The waiter will serve three portions of food.

One of them will be different from the other two portions.

After eating, you have to point out which person ate the food thats different.

The one who guesses right will win.”

Ling Sheng looked at Old Qian.

He indeed deserved being considered the variety show director with the most experience by the netizen judges.

He was able to produce something interesting during filming.

Soon, the food was served.

Ling Sheng and the others would have chili fried eggs, and the three plates were neatly arranged in front of them.

Old Qian introduced the dishes.

“These three plates of delicacies contain sweet peppers and fried eggs.

One of them is an egg with ghost chili.

Please enjoy it.”


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