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Chapter 408: Dont Cry

Ling Sheng pouted and let out a light snort.

In a soft voice, she said, “Of course.

Do you think Im a fool”

“Okay, Ill put on some pretty makeup for you.

I guarantee that the neighbor will be tempted when he sees you.

He wont take his eyes off you.” Shi Lingyu smiled as she dragged her in.

She grabbed her shoulder and made her sit in front of the dressing table.

The girl in the mirror was bare-faced and beautiful.

Her skin was as delicate as porcelain, and even without makeup, she could make others envious.

Ling Sheng sat in front of the mirror obediently.

Her hands werent good at applying makeup, so she just put on some simple makeup.

However, she had a good foundation and only did basic skincare.

She could go out after applying sunscreen.

This was easy to get used to, so she usually went out in 10 minutes.

She did not have the patience to spend an hour or two putting on exquisite makeup like other girls.

Her hands were weak and lazy, and she was hopeless.

Shi Lingyu was extremely envious as she touched her tender skin.

“Little fairy, your skin is really nice.

Old me is so envious.”

Ling Sheng agreed with her and said earnestly, “Auntie, you have to take good care of your skin!”

Shi Lingyu, who was sad and angry, wanted to hit her.

It was easy for her to speak.

“How can a fairy blessed by the heavens understand the pain of fat girls like us I have to spend at least two hours on skincare every day, alright I have to have professional skincare twice a week and go to a spa thrice a week.”

Sigh… It was really infuriating to compare oneself to others.

Compared to others, she felt that her skin was very nice.

After all, her skincare routine was very good.

However, when she compared herself to Ling Sheng, she was simply angry.

She could not compare to her.

She spent so much time and effort on skincare, but it couldnt compare to Ling Sheng washing her face with soap and applying some cheap DaBao SOD Honey products.

Then, she would rub her skin randomly with various cosmetics.

No, her skin wasnt even one-tenth as nice as hers.

Shi Lingyus makeup skills and techniques were very good, and she was not inferior to a professional makeup artist.

When she saw the gorgeous beauty with the smiling eyes in the mirror, she smiled.

“How is it Are you satisfied”

She had deliberately put slightly seductive makeup on her.

Her eyes were watery and seductive, making it easy to capture a mans eyes and heart.

However, she did not need makeup to keep the neighbors heart.

After all, she was already very pretty.

What else did she want

Ling Sheng was very satisfied, although her makeup did not match her outfit.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, she realized that she was indeed very beautiful!

“I knew you were here to screw me over.” Shi Lingyu looked at her clothes in disdain.

She dragged her to the bedroom, opened the closet, and took out a set of clothes.

“I just bought this and only put it on to see if it fit.

You lucked out.”

Ling Sheng ran over to hug her.

“Sister Yu, youre the best.

I love you the most.”

Shi Lingyu lifted her chin with one finger.

“Dont rub your face against me, or you cant cry if your makeup falls off.

Im not in charge of the after-sales support!”

Jun Shiyan and Ji Fanchen had been waiting in the hall for half an hour, but they had yet to see the duo come down.

Ji Fanchen explained apologetically, “Third Master, girls are usually slower to get ready.

They need to put on makeup and change their clothes.

They can put on makeup for two hours.”

“Yes.” Jun Shiyan smiled and nodded before adding, “Shes very pretty even without makeup.”

He spoke in a low voice, so Ji Fanchen could not hear him clearly.

He watched as the mans eyes looked in the direction of the elevator.

Then, he looked up and saw the two ladies walking out of the elevator.


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