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Chapter 47: The New Favorite Enjoyed Preferential Treatment!

Mei Xuelin had brought over a captivating diamond necklace.

Lu Yubai took the necklace immediately and went over to put it around her neck.

One look at the necklace and Ling Sheng knew it was pricier and more valuable than any other necklace she had seen in the past.

Slightly baffled, she asked, “What if I ruin it or lose it”

She was broke and unable to pay!

“Ill ask Huo Ci to pay,” Mei Xuelin said as she remained stunned.

She was gorgeous.

Extraordinarily beautiful.


She had a soul-stirring kind of charm.

She was pure.

Unworldly pure.

Huo Cis taste was indeed unparalleled by laymen.

Where had he found this gem

She would definitely be the center of attention at the banquet that night.

She really wanted to be present at the banquet, just to see how many men would be charmed by her and lose their souls.

Du Manqing sat in the car with the windows closed.

She only looked up when the chauffeur reminded her of the approaching Ling Sheng.

The moment she looked up, it felt like her eyes were on fire and her beautiful features contorted instantly.

Ling Shengs gown was Drs latest design.

It was custom-tailored and there was only one in the whole world, which was in the possession of her celebrity agent, Mei Xuelin.

The diamond necklace Ling Sheng was wearing was called “Incomparable” and it was worth 55 million US dollars.

It was also part of Mei Xuelins valuable collection.

She had tried to borrow it from her when she had attended the ceremony for the Best Actress Award but she had been turned away.


It was utterly fine!

Had she done that on purpose to shame her


The new favorite enjoyed preferential treatment!

She was a newbie brought in by the boss and was therefore automatically accorded a high status!

She tried her best to suppress her emotions as she watched Mei Xuelin walk over with Ling Sheng.

Mei Xuelin was smiling widely, yet her smile was an eyesore for Du Manqing.

Seeing the nearing duo, Du Manqing recovered and alighted the car.

She then smiled and greeted her agent.

“Sister Mei.”

Hold it in!

Since she could not leave Mei Xuelin now, she could only tolerate this in silence.

She would wait until she had gotten all of Mei Xuelins contacts, affiliated herself with a more influential and wealthy man, and gotten all the resources she needed without needing Mei Xuelins help.

Then, she would ditch her.

“Senior Du, youre really pretty today.” Ling Sheng gave her a polite smile and complimented her.

She was indeed pretty.

There was no lying on her part.

“Youre pretty too.” Du Manqing smiled as she sidestepped, leaving space for Ling Sheng to get in the car.

In a gentle voice, she said, “Get in.”

Her attitude was completely different, which earned her a sense of admiration from Ling Sheng.

The fact that she could remain calm even after being scolded showed that she had a great mindset.

She was indeed the Best Actress.

“Manqing, Sheng Shengs a newbie and this is her first time attending this kind of event.

Do take care of her since youre her senior.” Mei Xuelin reminded her of this purposefully.

“Dont worry, Sister Mei.

I wont let Sheng Sheng suffer.” Du Manqing smiled obediently.

It was as if the conflict had never existed.

“Sheng Sheng, be cautious.

Dont cause Manqing trouble.” Mei Xuelin warned her.

“Noted,” Ling Sheng replied nonchalantly.

“If you dare cause trouble, I wont go easy on you,” Mei Xuelin said before adding, “Lets go.

Be safe.”

“Bye, Sister Mei.” Du Manqing smiled and waved.

Ling Sheng muttered an incoherent goodbye.

Mei Xuelins eyes had been on Ling Sheng all this while, reflecting obvious appreciation and happiness.

Du Manqing rolled up the windows.

Her eyelids were lowered slightly, and darkness rolled in waves within their depths.

Ling Sheng was indeed the new favorite of Mei Xuelin, as she was able to act however she wanted.

Mei Xuelin would not even blow her top when she crossed the line.

If Du Manqing had been the one acting with that attitude, she would have been chastised harshly!


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