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Chapter 509: The Eye Of The Storm


Not only was she scheming, but she had also tried to frame her father.

She was also a violent sadist.

The junior assistant had not said anything.

It seemed like she had been treated this way frequently and was already used to it.

Ling Sheng seemed to understand why Zhou Zhou had done that the other day.

He must have seen Zhen Li abuse the assistant and tried to help her, but the assistant had not appreciated it.

In the dressing room, Zhen Lis violent actions continued.

She grabbed the assistants hair and hit her head against the ground, all the while growling hysterically.

“You did it, right You did it, right Ill kill you today, you traitor.”

“It wasnt me.” Shen Nian did not know how the video had been uploaded online, but it really had not been her.

Although she had filmed it, she had not planned to release it now and fall out with her.

“It really wasnt me.”

She knew that she had to earn more money, so she had to rely on her.

How could she choose to betray her at this critical juncture

Who had uploaded that video At the time, Zhen Li had asked her agent, Sister Zhang, to take a photo.

When she had heard their plan from outside, she had followed them in secret and filmed a video.

However, she was sure that, other than her and Sister Zhang, no one else had been there.

No, Zhou Zhou!

She seemed to have seen Zhou Zhou!

“Do you think I lost Do you think Im funny” Zhen Li looked like she had gone crazy.

Her face was hideous as she tugged at her hair, her lips curling into a hideous smile.

“Keep dreaming.

I definitely wont lose.”


Everyone who blocked her way would die!

“Sister Li, I didnt know anything about this.

How could it be me Think about it carefully.

Who else knows” Shen Nians eyes were red from crying.

She looked at her in fear and shrank back.

“Nonsense!” Zhen Li seemed to have thought of something.

Her eyes turned red as her pupils shook.

“Stop trying to drive a wedge between us.

Do you think I really wouldnt dare to kill you”

That ugly freak had dared to spout nonsense.


Sister Zhang could not have done that.

She was the one who wanted her to become popular the most.

The two of them had agreed on this plan.

It could not be her.

Ling Sheng was secretly filming a video outside.

Zhen Li went so crazy that she grabbed the assistants head ferociously, wanting to smash it to the ground.

Her expression was extremely carefree and bloodthirsty as she used all her strength.

If this went on, even if the junior assistants head did not explode, she would definitely get seriously injured.

Her eyes darkened as she tried to push the door open.

However, as soon as she touched the door, Zhen Li was kicked away.

She flew to the dressing table behind her and let out a short, shrill scream.

Ling Shengs eyes widened.

Zhou Zhou!

He… Why had he been hiding in the female artists dressing room Had he disappeared these past two days to hide here Had he done it to protect that assistant

Zhou Zhou smiled coldly as he pointed at Zhen Li, who was rolling on the ground in pain.

“Youre finished.”

That evil woman had done many crazy things.

He had been following her these past few days, wanting to film evidence.

However, ever since he had attacked her, the woman had restrained herself.

She had not scolded or hit anyone for a few days.

Her attitude had been very good.

This time, she had finally been caught red-handed.

“Its you How were you able to enter this place” Zhen Li was flustered, but her expression was calm.

Had Ling Shengs assistant been sent by her Had the firing and resignation been just a show Her real goal was to find evidence to destroy her!

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