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Chapter 572: Almost Died

Huo Xuanzhou was also swimming around in the sea like a headless fly, but his eyes lit up when he saw her floating in the water.

She was wearing a red dress, and her long hair was spread out like seaweed.

Her beautiful face was suffocating as though she was… a mermaid princess.

On the shore, Xiao Ye was already crying anxiously.

She wasnt good at swimming, so she could only watch the sea anxiously.

Her voice was hoarse from crying.

Director Feng Yaos eyes were red as he stared at the sea anxiously.

It was the first day… the first day of filming.

If anything happened to the actor, how would he explain himself

Everything had been fine.

Why had she suddenly disappeared She was very good at swimming and very professional.

He had gotten the approval of the local lifeguards before he had allowed them to go deeper into the sea.

This was the sea.

Although the weather was good today, the waves were not small.

If one wanted to find someone in the boundless sea, it would be no different from fishing out a needle.

He had already prepared for the worst.

When Huo Xuanzhou carried her up, the paramedics rushed over to check on her.

Thankfully, her vital signs showed no obvious abnormalities.

He wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm and sent her to the hospital for a checkup.

When Gu Shen got ashore, he saw Huo Xuanzhou carrying her away.

The director and the others did not dare stop him, but he dashed over.

“You cant take her away.”

Huo Xuanzhou let out a cold laugh with a mocking smile.

“Gu Shen, what right do you have to stop me from taking her away She nearly died!”

He gritted his teeth as he said the last few words.

That scumbag was only thinking about himself.

Hadnt he realized she had not come ashore No, he probably didnt care at all.

Perhaps he would be the happiest if she died!

“You have no right to take her away.” Gu Shen stood in front of him, his attitude firm.

“Leave her to me.”

“Scram!” Huo Xuanzhou kicked him.

His eyes reddened instantly as though he was an angered beast.

“What right do you have to stop me from leaving Who are you to her If you had taken one more look at her, she would not have drowned in the sea.

You have no right to talk to me.


Gu Shens chest heaved violently, and he did not know what he was feeling.

After his worry and panic dissipated, there was only lingering fear.

“Who are you to her What right do you have to take her away”

“Shes my Sixth Aunt!” Huo Xuanzhou did not want to waste his breath on him.

When his Sixth Aunt woke up later, he would settle the score with him and the useless members of the film crew.

If anything happened to her, the whole film crew would suffer.

He would kill them one by one.

“Your Sixth Aunt” Gu Shen did not know when she had gotten together with Huo Ci.

Feeling angry, he growled.

“You might as well call her my Third Aunt!”

In the distance, Jun Shiyans car had stopped by the roadside.

He had wanted to come over to watch the young lady film the advertisement.

When he lowered the window, he saw Gu Shen and Huo Xuanzhou facing each other ferociously.

When he took another look, he saw Huo Xuanzhou carrying someone in his arms.

Under the sunlight, he could clearly see her hanging hair and her slender arms, which were exposed by the blanket.

His eyes turned cold as his heart started to ache.

“Third Master.” Before Xu Xi could react, the man in the backseat had already opened the car door and dashed out.

He hurriedly got out of the car and followed him.

He had never seen the Third Master so flustered.

Huo Xuanzhou was angry, but the bodyguard was not by his side.

He was still hugging Ling Sheng, so he could not kill that scumbag Gu Shen.

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