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Chapter 577: Happy To Help

When Ling Sheng woke up, she was fine.

However, her voice was hoarse from crying, and her body felt as though it had been hollowed out.

She looked at Jun Shiyan weakly.

“Third Master, let him in.”

The moment the door opened, Huo Xuanzhou pointed at Jun Shiyan angrily.

“F*ck, where did you hide, you d*mn liar”

In the past, he had not dared speak like this when he had met Jun Shiyan.

He did not know where he had gotten the guts to do so now.

Perhaps it was Sixth Uncles fault, but he just did not like him.

Ling Sheng looked at Huo Xuanzhou, her brows furrowing slightly.

She was about to go deaf.

Why was he shouting as though he was quarreling

Upon seeing Ling Shengs expression, Huo Xuanzhou lowered his voice hurriedly and asked carefully, “Did I disturb you Ill be quieter.”

Xu Xi, who was watching from the back, frowned.

They were indeed a family.

Master Zhous temper was exactly the same as the Sixth Masters.

He was impressive.

However, the only difference was that the Sixth Master would scold Ms.

Ling too.

Master Zhou would not.

Jun Shiyan was still holding Ling Shengs hand as he looked at Huo Xuanzhou.

This was not a discussion, so he gave him a warning.

“Master Zhou, youre not your Sixth Uncle.

If you want to stay, pay attention to your attitude.”

He did not give him any more face.

He was Sheng Shengs cousin, so he had already given him enough face.

Otherwise, did he think he would be able to stand there and act unreasonably

“You…” Huo Xuanzhou felt a chill run down his spine when he felt this intimidating pressure.

He then stopped struggling.

“I understand.”

He knew that he was not Sixth Uncle.

Jun Shiyan would not allow him to crush him.

In the past, he had suppressed Sixth Uncle a lot.

However, when he realized that he would call Sixth Uncle father and him brother in the future, he felt a little happy and excited.

That Gu Shen would have to call him Uncle then.

Ling Shengs head hurt, and her body felt weak.

It was as though a big accident had emptied her body.

She lay in bed for a while before falling asleep again.

When she woke up, it was already dark and Jun Shiyan was still guarding the bed.

Upon seeing her open her eyes, he leaned over and kissed her gently.

“Are you hungry”

Ling Sheng nodded, her stomach growling cooperatively.

She was hungry.

How could she not be hungry after not eating for a day She hooked her arms around the mans neck and whispered in his ear, “I want to go to the washroom first.”

Upon seeing the young ladys shy face, Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh.

He bent down to carry her princess-style and said in a low voice, “Im happy to help.”

Ling Shengs face flushed as she nestled in his embrace.

She wanted to go alone, but her legs were weak and she did not have any energy.

Perhaps it was because she had not eaten.

Jun Shiyan placed her on the toilet bowl and squatted beside her.

He looked up at her, his thin lips moving slightly and his voice sounding extremely sexy.

“Do you need my help now”

Ling Sheng was already extremely embarrassed.

Upon hearing this, she nearly choked on her saliva.

However, the man still looked very innocent and gentlemanly.

She let out a low cough and lowered her head to her chest.


“Really” Jun Shiyan looked at her pants and held her hand gently with his slender, fair fingers.

“Do you have enough energy”

“Yes! Yes, yes!” Ling Sheng flew into a rage out of humiliation and pushed him away.

However, she realized that she really had no strength.

The man did not move at all.

She pointed at him in embarrassment.

“Get out! Get out immediately!”

Jun Shiyan nodded.

A low laugh escaped his chest, and his voice became even sexier.

“Okay, call me if you need help.”

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