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Chapter 598: Punishment

Upon finding out that Jun Shiyan had discovered her, he had not thought of ways to protect her.

Instead, he had brought her here directly, threatening her and asking her to apologize.

The reason she had come was not to admit that she was guilty.

However, if she could use this method to avoid being banned and stay in the entertainment circle, she was willing to do it.

Ling Sheng immediately understood that the Third Master had already found the mastermind who had harmed her.

She kicked his shin in secret, blaming him for not telling her that he had obtained evidence.

Jun Shiyan leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I planned to tell you after dinner lest I ruin the meal and mood.”

When He Xie had gone to fetch her, he had saved someone.

After asking, he had found out that it had been Du Manqings assistant.

The man who had chased after the assistant had been sent by Lu Zheng.

When he had found out the truth, he had told him everything Du Manqing had done.

He had initially planned to tell her after dinner, but he had not expected the culprit to come directly and ruin his good mood.

Ling Sheng knew that this was not the time to pursue the matter.

She smiled at Du Manqing, looking innocent and adorable.

“Senior Du, what does this mean”

Du Manqing was wearing a pair of shoes with nails.

She reminded herself that there was nothing she could not do.

She could do anything.

The humiliation she had suffered would be returned to her a thousandfold one day.

Every step she took hurt her heart deeply.

She looked at Ling Sheng apologetically.

“Sheng Sheng, its all my fault.

I was possessed.

I was jealous of you.

Im not human.

Thats why I did that to you.”

Upon seeing the long trail of blood on the ground where she had walked past, Ling Sheng thought that she was really a ruthless person.

She was ruthless with others, but she was even more ruthless with herself.

She had an innocent expression as she asked, “Senior Du, what are you talking about Why dont I understand”

Du Manqing told her everything she had done in one breath.

Then, she knelt on the ground while crying.

“Sheng Sheng, its all my fault.

Its all my fault.

Can you forgive me I was hot-headed back then.

I didnt expect this to happen.

You dont blame me, right”

Lu Zheng, who was by their side, smiled obsequiously at Jun Shiyan and Ling Sheng.

“Third Master, Ms.

Ling, shes realized her mistake.

Look, I made her walk over in these shoes.”

Then, he dragged the slippers off Du Manqings feet.

There were inch-long nails in them, and they were very thick.

The sight of them made one shiver in fear.

He continued smiling.

“See how she treated Ms.

Ling I made her pay back tenfold or a hundredfold.

Third Master, look.”

Jun Shiyan only gave her a cold look, not feeling interested at all.

He did not want to know what had become of the culprit.

He only knew that his young lady had suffered and gotten injured.

His lips curled up coldly.


Lu Zheng liked Du Manqing.

She had a nice figure and was as soft as water.

She could do anything and please him.

Besides, he had really fallen in love after a long time.

He hurriedly pulled the flogging rod from behind Du Manqing and handed it to him respectfully.

“Third Master, if youre not satisfied, this is for you.”

Ling Sheng looked at the greasy man in front of her, who was flattering her.

She could not link him to the Lu Family, but he was indeed a member of the Lu Family.

He was the Second Master of the Lu Family, Lu Zheng.

She thought of her Fifth Uncle and Lu Xianzhi.

Even though they were not peerless, they were all gorgeous men.

When she looked at the greasy middle-aged man in front of her, she could not help but shiver.

The difference between these people was too big.

Could he be a product of a genetic mutation

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