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Chapter 600: Never Returning Home

Du Manqing nodded.

“As long as you forgive me, Im willing to do anything.

I promise there wont be a next time.

Sheng Sheng, on account of the fact that we used to be sisters, let me off this time!”

“Then, Senior Du, in order to prevent you from acting rashly and attacking me again, you wont ever come back to China!” Ling Sheng said casually.

No matter how impressive the Third Master was, he could make a person disappear silently in this world.

She could not let him do that.

It would only harm his morals.

If Du Manqing could not return to China, she would not be able to cause trouble again.

She would also disrupt her future in China and ruin her career.

This should be a fatal blow to her.

Du Manqings expression changed suddenly as she crawled to Ling Shengs side.

She had not expected her to be so ruthless.

If she could not return to China, she was basically asking for her life.

She cried even more sadly.

“Sheng Sheng, Sheng Sheng, you cant treat me like this.

You can do anything, but my home is in China, and so is my family.

I cant leave!”

Jun Shiyan gave Xu Xi a look.

Xu Xi understood and walked forward to prevent Du Manqing from approaching Ling Sheng.

He then looked at Lu Zheng.

“Do you need me to repeat Ms.

Lings words”

Lu Zheng had always thought that women were the most soft-hearted, let alone young girls.

If he brought Du Manqing over to apologize, she would definitely act all soft-hearted and let her go.

He had not expected her to be so ruthless and forbid her to return to China for the rest of her life.

Upon hearing Xu Xis words, he nodded hurriedly.

“I heard you.

Ill definitely follow Ms.

Lings instructions and watch her properly.”

Xu Xi said coldly, “Leave if you understand.

Youve already disturbed the Third Masters meal.”

Lu Zheng had always known that Third Master Jun could not be offended.

No one who had offended him in the capital had met a good end.

Now that things had come to this, this was the only thing he could do.

It would be better to never return to China again than to disappear silently from this world!

The Lu Family was in dire straits now and could not compare to the Gu Family.

He did not have any real power, and all the businesses were basically in Fifth Brothers hands.

He could only plan slowly.

However, one day, he would become the head of the Lu Family, strengthen his family, and revitalize it.

He would make Jun Shiyan lower his noble head and kneel at his feet to apologize.

Du Manqing had not expected Ling Sheng to be so heartless and make such an outrageous request.

She had acted really humble and abandoned all her dignity.

She had knelt down to beg her.

What else did she want

That little b*tch Ling Sheng was a slut.

As long as she lived, she would have a chance to seek revenge.

She would definitely not let her have an easy time.

Lu Zheng glared at her ferociously and dragged her out.

He did not care about the injury on the soles of her feet.

After he dragged her to the private room next door, he slapped her face and spat out, “F*ck, you b*tch.

Youre the one who caused this trouble.

How dare you cry Ive lost all my face because of you.”

Logically speaking, he was older than Third Master Jun.

Even though Third Master Jun did not treat him as an elder, he would be very polite every time they met.

However, this time, he had humbly led her over to apologize and beg for mercy.

This was the last bit of face hed had left.

In the future, when he saw Third Master Jun, he would be inferior to him.

Du Manqing clenched her fists tightly.

She had thought that her future would be limitless if she managed to hook up with the Second Master of the Lu Family.

However, she had not expected him to be so useless.

He was so afraid of Jun Shiyan that he did not even dare let out a fart in front of him.

He could certainly stoop low.

However, she would definitely not let Ling Sheng off.

She would return the humiliation she had suffered today a thousandfold in the future!

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