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Chapter 623: Reviving the Dead

Ling Sheng did not know what was going on.

Sister Yu, her biological father, and Xiaoqi were there.

Her father was covered up tightly, so one could not see his expression.

However, he emitted an aura that showed he was not to be trifled with.

Sister Yu squatted in front of Xiaoqi with a smile and reached out to pat his head softly.

She was gentle and loving, and her heart softened when she saw him.

Her sons face was red, and he was shy.

Behind Sister Yu stood a handsome foreign man with a red ladys bag in his hand.

He looked at the woman in front of him lovingly.

Although nothing could be seen on the surface between Sister Yu and her father, if one looked carefully, one could feel the dark waves surging between the two of them.

This made her scalp tighten.

Was she meant to rush back to the theater directly The scene in front of her was simply a massacre!

However, she could not reply.

She was still pushing Second Uncles wheelchair.

She frowned secretly and felt the veins on her forehead start to throb.

She went all out and forced herself to greet them.

“Sister Yu, Uncle.”

When Nangong Lengyu saw the man in the wheelchair, her eyes turned cold.

She was so shocked that she forgot where she was for a moment.

After a moment of shock, her lips curled up into a cold smile that mocked him to the core.

“Second Brother, how have you been recently”

He was still alive

He was actually still alive

She knew that she should be glad and happy at that moment, but she could not be.

How could she be happy that Little Shui had ended up like that for him

Who could tell her how to feel happy

Huo Cis eyes behind his sunglasses changed again and again.

Upon seeing the brats expression, he smiled like a flower.

He did not know if she knew whose wheelchair she was pushing.

What a coincidence!

What kind of coincidence would cause such an awkward scene to occur in this small theater

Yan Yuanfei nodded slightly and smiled at her.

“Long time no see.”

At that moment, Nangong Lengyu only wanted to question him.

What was he thinking What was he doing She was so agitated that she had to use all her strength to control herself.

She did not explode there.

Her voice was very cold as she suppressed her anger.

“Second Brother, can we talk in private”


The group of people with him had to call him Second Brother.

In the past, he had been a figure placed on a pedestal in her heart.

He had been an indomitable man who had dared to do whatever he wanted.

However, from the looks of it… Heh, that was all!

She should not have had any fantasies about him.

Why should she think that a man who was with a scumbag like Huo Ci was different

Yan Yuanfei had yet to speak.

Huo Ci spoke directly.

Fearing that the fans would recognize him, he lowered his voice.


Nangong Lengyus lips curled up, but the expression in her eyes was cold to the bone.

She only gave him a look before looking at Yan Yuanfei and saying calmly, “Second Brother, what do you think”

Yan Yuanfei said gently, “Okay.”

Huo Ci wanted to stop him, but Yan Yuanfei interrupted him.

In a calm voice, he said firmly, “Sixth Brother, dont interfere in this.”

He had yet to figure out what had happened between him and Yu-er.

He did not have to worry about his matters.

He would handle them personally.

Huo Cis tone was unhappy, but he nodded.

“Ill wait outside.

Call me if anything happens.”

Ling Shengs eyes dropped to the ground.

She had never seen her father be so obedient.

He usually glared at her grandpa, but he was very obedient now.

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