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Chapter 640: The Third Master Is Here

Su Jing was mentally strong.

He had already recovered and was answering the doctors questions.

He did not know why, but Sister Sheng Sheng had suddenly stopped moving earlier.

Then, she had fallen into the water out of the blue.

Su Cunshis eyes were red as he looked at Ling Sheng, who was lying on the bed with a pale face.

He sighed anxiously and pointed at Su Heng and his wife as he lectured them softly.

“Look, look.

Whats wrong with you Sheng Sheng has only been here for a day, yet this already happened.

Its good that nothing happened to her.

If something had happened, how would I have explained this to my younger sister”

“Father, dont worry.

Doctor Shen said shes fine.

Shell wake up soon.” Su Heng knew that his father was worried, so he hurriedly comforted him.

“Father, its all my fault.

Its such a cold day.

I shouldnt have let the children go out to play.

If you want to blame someone, blame me!” Ye Chuqing regretted letting the children out.

It would have been better to let them have fun in the house.

If they had played in the house, nothing would have happened to Sheng Sheng.

At the very least, she would not have fallen into the water if shed fainted.

It was a cold day.

Even if there was nothing wrong, there would be a problem.

Su Cunshi lectured them a few more times before he quelled his anger.

This had happened suddenly.

No one had expected that he would sit aside and call the boys over to ask them what had happened.

Su Heng and Ye Chuqing looked at each other.

The Old Masters heart ached for Sheng Sheng.

The children were shameless.

It was good to be taught a lesson.

They had not expected this to happen when the child had come over to visit his relatives.

Their hearts ached, and they blamed themselves.

Ye Chuqing, in particular, wiped Xiaoqis tears and hugged him when she saw him tearing up.

She comforted him by telling him that his mother was fine and would wake up soon.

Su Yan led the doctor out.

When she reached the door, she asked, “Doctor Shen, could she have some special disease Why did she suddenly fall into the water”

“I didnt diagnose any illness.

Her body is very healthy.” Doctor Shen looked at her and felt a little strange.

“But under normal circumstances, she wouldnt suddenly faint.

When she wakes up, she should go to the hospital for a full-body checkup!”

Su Yan nodded.

“Sorry to trouble you, Doctor Shen.”

Just as she turned around to enter the house, the butler hurried over.

“Eldest Miss, the Third Master of the Jun Family is here to visit the Old Master.”

Su Yan frowned.

Why had he come to cause trouble at this time Was he telepathic Did he know that Sheng Sheng had fainted “Tell him that the Old Master wont meet any guests.”

The butler hesitated.


The Third Master was already there.

Su Yan looked up and saw a man in a long trench coat walking over.

It was Jun Shiyan.

Her eyes widened in shock.

Was he… walking over


Okay, long legs, straight legs, and a steady gait.

There was nothing wrong with his legs.

A gentlemanly, gentle smile hung on his handsome face.

There was no mask.

At that moment, she felt like she had gone back in time to when she was young.

Back then, his legs had not been injured, and his face had not been disfigured.

This man, who was known as the most handsome man in the capital, was an astonishing existence no matter where he went.

Jun Shiyan reached her in the blink of an eye.

He nodded politely and greeted her.


Su, I came uninvited.

Please dont take offense.”

Su Yan gave him a sideways look.

Dont take offense Who was he The family in question had not given him permission, yet he had barged into their house.

“Third Master, dont you know that trespassing on private property is illegal”

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