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Chapter 663: Rest in Peace

“Of course Ill go.

Ill go!” Ling Sheng was so happy that she could not close her mouth.

She was not sleepy anymore.

This was a good opportunity.

She would be crazy not to go.

Although the Spring Festival Gala had been showing signs of decline in the past few years, it was still the most popular event.

Who would not watch the Spring Festival Gala on New Years Eve If she appeared, it would be akin to showing her face in front of the entire country.

This kind of opportunity did not come easily.

She was lucky she had come across it.

Of course she had to go!

Besides, her father would be there too.

However, he would sing a song alone.

He was different from her.

The key was that he was a regular guest.

Ever since he had debuted, he had been invited every year.

As for whether he would go or not, that would depend on his mood.

There was only half a month left until the new year.

Ling Sheng had received an invitation to save the day at the last minute.

She discussed it with the other party and could go over to rehearse immediately.

However, she had to take a day off on Friday to film the variety showThe Idol Is In Place.

Ling Sheng had initially thought that she would be able to rest well before the end of the year.

At most, she would have a remedial class and be a good student.

She had not expected to be busy again.

Sister Mei had also told her that although L-Star had said that they would be filming advertisements, posters, and official announcements later and the press conference would be held after the New Year, there would be some things planned in the near future.

She would be asked to make preparations, and she might even have to do promotional work in the early stages.

Ling Sheng would still do her best with L-Star even without her exhortations.

After all, it was a brand owned by Sister Yu.

She had recently gone south for a vacation and would send her all kinds of beautiful photos of scenery and delicious food every day.

Two days ago, Ling Sheng had told her that if she had time at the end of the year, she would take Xiaoqi to find her and have fun with her for a few days when Xiaoqi was on vacation.

Ling Sheng got busy, but the Old Master at home was angry for a few days because of the incident with Jun Shiyan that night.

Ling Shengs flight was at 8 p.m.

on Thursday.

At four in the afternoon, she went home after the rehearsal to pack her luggage and prepare to head to the airport.

When she got home, she saw her grandpa smashing his phone angrily and cursing.

She thought that her father had provoked him again and ran over hurriedly.

“Grandpa, what kind of blind fool angered you again”

Su Xiyin walked out of the kitchen with a small biscuit that had just been baked.

She beckoned to her to eat it.

“Ignore him.

Let him be angry.”

When Ling Sheng heard her grandma explain the reason, she was amused.

It turned out that the elderly community that her grandpa had recently joined had angered him.

Ever since she had entered the entertainment circle and her grandpa had become her hardcore fan, he had been thinking of ways to recommend her to others and make them idolize her.

Last week, he had joined an elderly communitys group chat and had been chatting about Ling Sheng in the group chat every day.

Coincidentally, her drama had been released, so he had sent red packets to the group chat and asked them to watch the drama on time.

Ling Sheng thought to herself, Given the way youve been making recommendations, if it was not for the red packets youve been handing out, you probably would have been kicked out of the group a long time ago.

They had watched the television drama, so the group chat was buzzing with discussions about the plot every day.

Grandpas promotion was successful, and hed thought that it was a done deal.

Today, he had posted a voting link to the Best Supporting Female Lead of the China International Television Festival in the group chat and asked them to vote.

He had even handed out big red packets.

In the end, all the red packets had been taken, but no one had voted.

The old folks were so engrossed that they scolded Bai Jinfeng in the group chat for being a bad woman and refused to vote for her.

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