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Chapter 681: A Large-Scale Disappearance

“Go and persuade him.

He doesnt listen to anything his agent says.

Hes gone crazy from anxiety.

Hes staring at him now.

He called me to beg me to find you.

Do you have his number Call him and persuade him not to be impulsive.

The finals will be held next week, dear girl!” Mei Xuelin was also extremely angry.

There was obviously nothing wrong with this, but after getting led astray, the matter had blown up.

“Hes already posted it.

Why should I persuade him” Ling Sheng really wanted to kill those unscrupulous paparazzi.

Why were they so shameless For the sake of news, they dared to say anything.

Theyd dared to spout evil things.

“Dont you understand He didnt post it.

He just finished editing it.

Wheres the draft His agent confiscated his phone.

Hes keeping an eye on him now, so I dont dare let him do anything stupid.

How could you harm a child He doesnt want his future now because of you.” Mei Xuelin knew that she was adorable, but her younger brother was only two months short of being 18.

The two of them had not interacted much.

She had only been to “C-Star” once.

Could her younger brother have fallen in love with her at first sight Look at the commotion he had caused.

“Who have I harmed Can I stop others from liking me” Ling Sheng smiled angrily.

“Im hanging up.

Ill call him.”

“Make a copy of the public relations Weibo post I sent you and post it.

If this gets out of hand, you wont be able to escape.” After saying that, Mei Xuelin hung up.

She still had to take care of the public relations!

It was New Years Eve, and just these troubling matters were enough.

Ling Sheng posted on Weibo, but how could she obediently copy and paste what was to be said on Weibo

Ling ShengV: Sorry, I just got off the plane.

So, having a meal with a junior from the company means Im in love.

Ive broadened my horizons.

In the future, if Si Chengluo raises a female dog, will you say hes in love with a dog

Heh heh heh.

She had done nothing wrong.

Why should she apologize to Si Chengluos fans To be the scapegoat at the finals No way.

They were a bunch of crazy women.

It was better not to have such fans!

As long as this was not posted by Si Chengluo, his fans would not vent their anger on him.

In fact, fans were the most unreasonable creatures.

No matter who was right or wrong, it was not their idols fault. My baby is not in the wrong.

You were close to my baby, but you were shameless.

You vixen! You seduced my baby!

Si Chengluos agent, Chen Nan, was about to go crazy.

The brat in front of him was a lunatic.

He disregarded everything and wanted to post on Weibo.

If he had come a second later, he would have posted this on Weibo.

Then, he would definitely have lost a lot of fans.

“Give me your phone.” Si Chengluos handsome face was cold as he looked at him.

“My patience is limited.

Dont force me to make a move.”

These lunatics, who were like mad dogs that would tear a person to pieces when they smelled blood, were not his fans.

He refused to admit that such a person, who did not even have basic rationality or judgment, was his fan!

Besides, he had no intention of walking down the path of a popular idol.

He was a singer and a dancer.

He should have relied on his professional singing and dancing to gain recognition and success.

However, during this fake and prosperous trend, was it so pathetic that he could only rely on his fans to get the success he wanted

He was unwilling to have it, nor did he want to! When others mentioned him, they would say, Oh, look at him.

His fans are quite good at fighting.

When Ling Sheng called, Chen Nans eyes widened, and he nearly dropped his phone.

On the screen was a girls gorgeous smile that was as dazzling as a spring flower.

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