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Chapter 693: Penitent

“Where were you at” Huo Ci looked at the police officer.

The young police officer took a look at Jun Shiyan.

“We were writing down the information of the guardian.


Jun was already halfway through.

So, Mr.


Huo Ci let out a cold laugh and tore the piece of paper apart.

Then, he looked at the young police officer.

“Sorry, Ill fill it in again.”

The young policeman felt unlucky to be working overtime today.

He forced himself to ask, “Whats your name”

Huo Ci let out a low cough.

“Huo Ci.”

The junior police officer asked, “Are you related to the suspect”

Huo Ci said, “We are father and daughter.”

The young policemans hand shook, and the pen in his hand moved far away.

The paper was torn immediately.

His eyes widened in disbelief, and his voice shook.


Huo, what did you say”

Huo Ci was getting impatient.

“Im her father!”

The young police officer was completely dumbfounded.

He took a look at Ling Sheng and then at Huo Ci.

He even stole a look at the man standing behind the Best Actor.

Did that mean that Best Actor Huo was her father and the Third Master was her husband

Damn, he seemed to have discovered something impressive.

Would he stay silent

Ling Sheng had not expected her father to expose his identity at the police station.

Before she could catch her breath, she nearly choked.

She looked at the Third Master in confusion. What if my father has gone crazy

Huo Cis words undoubtedly created a hurricane.

The police officers on duty aside, Guo Li, and the others, who had been beaten up by Ling Sheng, had ashen faces and were kneeling in fright.

They had been looking forward to the Third Master falling out with Best Actor Huo and teaching Ling Sheng a lesson!

But now

The Third Master was her husband!

Best Actor Huo was her father! Her father!

What mistress How could she be a mistress He was her ancestor, her biological ancestor!

Was it too late to kneel down and apologize

Huo Ci patiently filled in the form before looking coldly at the few of them.

“Did she hit you Do you want to sue her and put her in jail”

Guo Li shook his head hurriedly.

“No, she didnt hit us.


Ling didnt hit us.

Its all our fault.

We were wrong.

We dont want to sue her.

She should sue us.”

Huo Ci shot them a look and smiled.

“Sue you for what”

Guo Li braced himself.

Even if he was imprisoned now, it would be better than having to face Huo Ci.

“We sexually harassed someone and behaved inhumanely.

Its all our fault.

Your daughter helped when she saw an injustice.

Sixth Master, please forgive us!”

“Isnt one of you a vegetable She beat up someone until he became a vegetable.

Are you sure you wont sue her and really want to let her go” Huo Ci, who was already in a bad mood, smiled mockingly when he saw the group of people trembling in front of him.

“Your daughter is a heroine through and through.

Were all animals.

Sixth Master, Third Master, its our fault no matter what.” Guo Li and the others were a bunch of old hooligans.

They relied on their status to bully newbies in the entertainment circle.

They had played with countless women and gotten away with it each time by using the same trick.

In order to climb up the social ladder, all the women in the entertainment circle had tried their best to please them.

Even if they had been unwilling, they did not dare call the police after being raped.

They had all swallowed their anger.

As young ladies, they didnt know better.

Theyd easily won them over and gained experience as time went by.

Nothing had ever gone wrong.

They had not expected to suffer such a big loss today.

They had offended someone they should not have offended.

They regretted it so much that their intestines turned green.

If they had known, they would have let Ling Sheng go directly.

Why had they gone crazy and come to the police station to finish her

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