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Chapter 694: Kneeling In Fear

In the end, if they did not finish her off, theyd be on the brink of death.

If they offended one of the two big shots in front of them, they would die.

They did not dare imagine what would happen if they offended the two men.

With Huo Ci around, Jun Shiyan kept a low profile, waiting to see what he would do next.

This seemed to be the first time he had called her his daughter in front of outsiders.

Although the young lady did not react much on the surface, her expression just now had told him that she was very happy and cared a lot about Huo Ci acknowledging her identity.

In front of her father, Ling Sheng did not dare do anything to Jun Shiyan even if she wanted to.

Upon seeing the few trembling b*stards over there, she thought they really deserved to be sent to jail.

This bunch of scumbags had harmed a lady from a good family, yet they were still arrogant and self-righteous.

Their fearless attitude meant that they had definitely committed crimes countless times.

Zeng Tianqi had heard the news and rushed over at the speed of light.

His forehead was covered in cold sweat.

When he entered, he was so scared that he knelt down.

He looked at the two people in front of him in horror and stuttered.

“Third Master, Sixth Master, I can explain this.”

Huo Ci frowned.

F*ck, hed mentioned the Third Master first and him second

Jun Shiyan shot him a cold look. Do you know how to speak properly If you dont, I could teach you!

Zeng Tianqi did not know why he was facing the death stares of the two big shots after just one sentence.

He was extremely tense and he did not dare speak rashly anymore.

Huo Ci shot him a look.

“Why Didnt you hear that she beat you into a vegetable”

Zeng Tianqi was covered in cold sweat.

The beads of sweat on his forehead were as big as beans as they flowed down.

Out of habit, he started flattering him.

“Sixth Master, youre joking.

Im fine.

I just went to the hospital to bandage up my head.

Who told you I was in a vegetative state Ms.

Ling just touched me lightly.

How can I be in a vegetative state Im fine.”

“Are you really alright” Huo Ci shot him a look.

“You look too energetic.

You dont look like youre alright.”

“Yes, Im alright.

I just love asking for it.

My skin was itchy, and I got Ms.

Ling to scratch the itch for me.

I have to thank her!” Zeng Tianqi continued to suck up to him and smile.

He did not dare think about anything else.

As long as the two masters in front of him let him off, he would be fine eating feces.


Ling, is your hand alright Does it hurt Do you want us to go to the hospital for a checkup”

Huo Ci let out a cold snort and asked, “Is everyone here”

Zeng Tianqis heart skipped a beat, as he thought that he was about to make a move.

Although his heart skipped a beat, he nodded in agreement.

“Everyones here.

Its just the few of us.

Sixth Master, we wont say anything if you want to kill or torture us!”

Huo Ci thought that although this scumbag was not a good person, he had good eyesight and knew how to change his tune.

Zeng Tianqi could tell.

He might have not known when he had first entered, but now, he could see everything clearly.

The Sixth Master was the big boss there.

The Third Master was merely a boss in front of him.

After all, one of them was the father-in-law, and the other was the son-in-law.

One could tell who was older and who was younger.

Ling Sheng did not know what her father wanted to do, but he only asked him some unimportant questions.

When Zeng Tianqi had flattered him, he had not gotten angry, nor had he attacked.

This was not his style at all.

Shouldnt he have killed them directly

After Huo Ci finished asking, he took a look at Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan.

“Go outside and wait!”

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