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Chapter 711: Call Me Auntie

“Why are you here” Lu Yubai frowned.

Upon seeing her eating and drinking, he felt a little disdainful.

“Arent you ashamed to eat like this in front of a patient”

Sister Yu really liked to eat.

In the past, her biggest wish had been to eat all the delicacies in the world.

However, later on, she had been drinking heavily for a period of time, and her stomach had been damaged.

After her gastrectomy, she had been unable to eat many things even if she wanted to.

This brat must have come to make her hungry, right Did she really not know how delicious and tempting her food was

“Im here to keep her company.” Ling Sheng grinned, not daring to ask why he had come.

She knew that his relationship with Sister Yu had been very good in the past.

It seemed like it had stiffened after her father had caused trouble.

However, that should only be her fathers reaction.

A person like Fifth Uncle would definitely not cut ties with others because of her father.

At most, he would only agree on the surface but disobey in secret.

Although they had cut ties on the surface, they had actually been secretly interacting.

Lu Yubai was also hungry.

Everything goes south when one is unlucky.

After that scumbag Sixth Brother had dropped him off on the highway, his phone had fallen into his car.

There was no exit on the highway, so hed had to tragically walk for four hours before he had been discovered by the traffic police and forcefully taken off the road.

Who knew why the traffic police, who were usually so diligent at catching violators, would only discover him walking on the highway after four hours!

Ling Sheng was there, so Lu Yubai did not dare ask anything.

He knew that Sixth Brother was definitely involved in Sister Yus coma and hospitalization.

He had actually come to apologize.

If he had not let anything slip, given Sixth Brothers personality, he would not have followed Sister Yu even if he was threatened with death.

Perhaps he would only have realized it after eight to ten years.

Ling Sheng even gave him a skewer.

“Fifth Uncle, this lamb skewer is really nice.

Try it.”

Lu Yubai frowned.

Was she really eating and drinking in front of a patient Look at her behavior.

She looked like Sixth Brother.

He reached out to take one.

Ling Sheng reached out to snatch it.

“This is mine!”

Lu Yubai ignored her and gave her a sideways look.

“Ling Sheng, youre a girl.

How can you eat mutton balls”

Was that appropriate

Sixth Brother did not know how to teach her what was proper!

Ling Sheng pouted in grievance.

Upon seeing him snatch her favorite food, she stuck out a finger pitifully.

“Ill just have one bite.”

Lu Yubai frowned and refused seriously.

“Not even half a bite.”

Ling Sheng complained to Nangong Lengyu in grief and indignation.

“Sister Yu, look at him.

Hes an elder, but he snatched my food!”

Lu Yubai frowned even more.

It was rare for him to reprimand someone.

His handsome face was stern.

“What Sister Yu I call her Sister Yu.

How can you call her Sister Yu”

This was the first time Ling Sheng had been lectured by her Fifth Uncle.

She took a look at Nangong Lengyu and then at him.

“Then tell me, what should I call her”

Nangong Lengyu smiled helplessly.

“Its just a form of address.

Whats the difference”

Lu Yubai said, “Call her Auntie!”

Ling Sheng insisted.

“But Fifth Uncle, Sister Yu is too young.

How can I call her Auntie If it werent for seniority, I would call you Brother too.”

Lu Yubai was so angry that he laughed.

“Do you know anything about seniority Call her Auntie.”

Upon seeing Nangong Lengyu nod in agreement, Ling Sheng changed her mind awkwardly.

“Aunt… Yu.”

Nangong Lengyu smiled and said, “Fifth Brother is right.

Im not young anymore.

Youre as old as Little Star.

You should call me Auntie.”

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