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Chapter 72: Apologize To Me In Front of the Nation

The cameraman and the fat makeup artist assistant had been in a relationship recently and were afraid that the film crew would find out.

After the filming site had changed, she had only seen Ling Sheng when she had gone on a date at a pavilion not far from the hole at six oclock every day.

“It must be her.”

“Its her.”

“I didnt expect that she would dare to come a second time.

What kind of guts does she have”

“How evil.

How can there be such a shameless person”

The film crew started discussing this in hushed tones, their criticism directed directly at Ling Sheng, as though they had already determined that she was the culprit.

“I also came to the hole yesterday.

Why didnt you all say it was me” Wen Zhis body shook with anger as he glared at them.

After the pit had been dug out, he had actually come over to see where Luo Xin would fall beforehand so he could film it better and make a mark.

The crowd fell silent, their gazes shooting daggers at Ling Sheng.

“Ling Sheng, go ahead.” Wen Zhi looked at her.

“My phone chain went missing yesterday, so I was looking for it,” Ling Sheng explained as she shot Shang Jiaren a look.

“Your phone chain” Gu Shen stood up angrily.

Upon seeing her mocking laughter, he said, “Good excuse.

If you lost your phone chain, why didnt you buy another one”

“I like my phone chain a lot.

Why should I buy another one” Ling Sheng raised her phone and showed it to the others.

“Besides, Im not as rich as Young Master Gu.

I dont lose everything after using it.”

If it had been an ordinary phone chain, she would not have looked for it.

However, her phone chain had been custom-made by her sons kindergarten.

Gu Shen took a glance, the look in his eyes becoming increasingly more mocking.

“Ling Sheng, youve tried to cause Luo Xin trouble time and again.

Ask everyone present if they believe you.

Did you do it, or did you do it”

“Gu Shen, dont accuse others without any evidence!” Ling Sheng was angry too.

What was that Her lips were curling up coldly.

“If I didnt do it, will you apologize to me in front of the entire country”

Enraged, Gu Shen bellowed, “Only you have been here before! Who else could it be Why do you keep targeting Xin Xin”

For some reason, Ling Sheng got goosebumps when she heard him sayXin Xin.

“I told you it was not me, director.

Is it trendy to accuse others without evidence now”

Wen Zhi was the mediator.

“Gu Shen, calm down.

Were all worried about Luo Xins injury, but even if you say it was Ling Sheng, you have to bring evidence.”

“Evidence Does she need evidence to do evil” Gu Shens face turned ashen while he was trying his best to keep calm.

Despite the circumstances, Ling Sheng was still really calm.

After doing so many evil deeds, she must have gained some experience!

Ling Sheng had not expected Wen Zhi to speak up for her.

She would remember this kindness, but she stubbornly looked at Gu Shen sarcastically.

“Master Gu, what if youre accusing me wrongly”

“Youre still so stubborn despite being at deaths door.

Ill find evidence and prove that you did it.” Gu Shen did not know how a person could be so shameless and act so self-righteous after hurting others.

“Gu Shen, if I am the one who did it, show me the evidence.

Ill kneel down and apologize to Luo Xin in front of everyone in the country and then withdraw from the entertainment circle.” Ling Sheng smiled lightly, her eyes full of sarcasm.

“If I didnt do it, will you dare apologize to me in front of everyone in the country”


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