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Chapter 754: Understanding Older Sister

The duo were fuming and could not see eye to eye.

However, they had to make a statement about their relationship.

Huo Ci: A relatives child.

Thank you, but dont spread rumors.

Nangong Lengyu: A friends child.

A wise man does not believe in rumors.

Thank you for everyones concern.

Im single.

Ling Sheng had just gotten out of the car when she saw the two of them posting on Weibo at the same time.

She was even more puzzled.

She really wanted to know exactly what the two of them had said and done together.

Her heart felt itchy, like it was being scratched by a cat.

The small childrens hospital was near the mall.

When Ling Sheng found them, the duo walked out from behind the glass door one after another.

There was nothing abnormal that could be seen from their expressions; they were both very calm.

Upon seeing Ling Sheng, Nangong Lengyu greeted her.

The cold and aloof beauty immediately turned into a gentle and kind big sister.

“Are you done with all your work Why did you come”

Ling Sheng took a look at her and stole a look at her biological father too, who was following behind them.

She smiled in embarrassment.

“It has already ended.

What happened to Xiaoqi”

Before Nangong Lengyu could speak, Huo Ci interrupted her and shot her a look.

“He has a fever.

How can you be a mother You didnt even know that your son has a fever.”

Ling Sheng was rendered speechless.

She had not been home yesterday, and she had rehearsed until noon today.

Then, she had rushed to the signing event without stopping too.

She had not gone home at all, so how could she have known However, she knew that he was in a bad mood, so she could only go along with him.

“Uncle, dont be angry.

Its my fault.

Its all my fault.”

Nangong Lengyu sneered.

Out of the corner of her eye, she shot a mocking look at the man behind her.

How could he have the cheek to reprimand Sheng Sheng How did he take care of the child Not only did he not know that the child was having a fever, but he was also leading him like a dog!

“Mommy, Xiaoqi is fine.

The doctor uncle said that its a fever but Ive already taken some medicine.” Xiaoqi did not know what was going on.

His grandpa and grandma were being very strange.

Thats not right.

Grandpa wasnt allowing him to call her Grandma.

He did not know what to call her now.

“My good son.” Ling Sheng picked Xiaoqi up and pressed against his forehead to test the temperature.

It was a little hot, but a childs temperature was a little higher than that of an adult.

Sometimes, she could not tell if he had a fever or not, so she still had to measure his temperature.

“Do you still feel unwell”

Xiaoqi shook his head.

He did not feel sick anymore, but he had not gone to Mommys signing event so he was a little sad.

“Mommy, why didnt you wait for us Xiaoqi wants an autograph.”

Then, he carried his bag over and took out an album.

He looked at her anxiously and sniffled.

“Mommys right here.

You can get as many autographs as you want.

Ill take you to Auntie Su Yi later, all right” Upon seeing the little fellas disappointed expression, Ling Sheng hurriedly comforted him.

Huo Cis handsome face was cold.

“Im taking him to an extracurricular class.”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, You werent so energetic in the past.

Every time he had to attend an extracurricular class, I had to rush him countless times before he would send Xiaoqi over reluctantly.

Before she could say anything, her father took Xiaoqi into his arms.

Huo Ci raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at Ling Sheng.

“Boys recover after hopping around for a while when theyre sick.

Theyre not that delicate.”

Xiaoqi looked at Grandpa very seriously and his tender voice was full of doubt.

“But Granduncle, Xiaoqi is not going to the extracurricular class today.

Im already on vacation.”

Ling Sheng let out a low cough and took a look at her son before giving him a thumbs-up secretly.

Well done!

Nangong Lengyu could not help but frown.

He was his guardian With someone like him, who could be assured to leave a child in his care!

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