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Chapter 759: The Son of the Richest Man

Su Yi sighed.

“Sheng Sheng, do you know why they separated back then They are obviously a perfect match.”

Ling Sheng shook her head.

“I dont know.”

She could not ask anyone.

The Third Master did not know.

If he had known, he would definitely have told her.

Not only did her uncles refuse to mention it, but even her grandparents never uttered a single word about it.

As a result, she could only rely on her feelings to make guesses.

There were still some lingering feelings between the two of them.

At the very least, her father still had some lingering feelings.

Xiaoqi was sick and tired too, after playing for a day.

He had long fallen asleep in Ling Shengs embrace not long after getting in the car.

He was sleeping soundly.

Su Yi asked Xiao Chen to raise the temperature in the car a little.

After settling the issue, she let Ling Sheng look at Weibo.

It was still the hottest topic.

Jun Shiyan: Sorry, my son has caused you two trouble @Huo Ci @NangongLengyu.

The Weibo account was newly-registered and verified: The CEO of the Gu Corporation, the richest man in the world.

[F*ck, who can tell me if the world is a fantasy Whats going on Third Master Jun Third Master Jun, the richest man in the world The child is his]

[Isnt it rumored that the Third Master and Best Actor Huo dont have a good relationship Why would the Movie King help him take care of his child Is the Movie King Third Master Juns relative Or is the Movie Queen his friend This is indeed a big shots world.

Let me prostrate myself in worship!]

[I said hes not my Cis child.

You should believe me now, right The childs father has come out to acknowledge the kid.

Those who forced my Ci to become the father of someone elses child.

Hurry up and apologize!]

[Sisters and brothers who put their feet in their mouths, I think you guys are going to be in trouble.

Hurry up and see if your heads are still around your necks.

How dare you accuse the Third Masters son of being the Movie Kings]

[Im sitting on a stool and waiting for the show.

The slaps to your faces sure came quickly!]

[Everyone above, dont you want to know when the Third Master of the Jun family got married Whos the childs mother]

1 [I also want to know.

Hasnt anyone exposed the details]

2 [The person above is naive.

Do you think the richest person in the world is the same as a group of celebrities in the entertainment circle They are a first-rate wealthy family.

Those celebrities in the entertainment circle are not even close to their circle.

If the paparazzi dare to expose this, they will be courting death!]

[The person above is a wise person.

How could anyone expose this I can only say that you guys are too naive.

Your lives are more important.

Hurry up and disappear!]

Jun Shiyan was not in the entertainment circle, but there were legends about him in various circles.

Who in China had not heard of his name If they had not heard of his legendary feats, they should not say that they were Chinese.

They could not afford to lose face!

Who was Jun Shiyan He was called Third Master Jun and had occupied the position of the richest man in the world for ten consecutive years.

He was an impressive existence who had dominated the top of Chinas Most Influential Figure ranking for ten consecutive years, but he kept a low profile and was extremely mysterious.

He had never accepted any interviews, had no social media accounts, and had not even released a single photo.

Now, he had actually registered on a social media account for his son.

How could people not be surprised The legendary Third Master was a ruthless and merciless person with brutal means.

He was a callous, cold-blooded animal.

For his own benefits, he had never shown mercy even to his biological father or siblings.

Blood ties were nothing in his eyes.

However, the profile picture of the Third Master who had appeared felt very warm.

There were two pairs of feet, one large and the other small.

In addition, there was a very long shadow.

The shadows actions were very lively and funny.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that it was his wife and child.

On Weibo, there were all kinds of emotionexperts and psychologicalexperts.

They analyzed his profile in detail and concluded that he was a good man who valued his family.

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