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Chapter 760: To Love Dearly and Dote

If he was really a man who did not care the slightest bit about family love, how could he have intentionally opened an account and posted on Weibo in order to clarify this scandal! After never posting a statement for the past few decades

The scandal between Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu had already caused a big earthquake in the entertainment circle.

Now that Jun Shiyan had appeared, it had directly become a huge earthquake in China.

There was no need to mention the entertainment section.

All the major Chinese websites, magazines, and economic news agencies had started to analyze him.

After all, he was a big shot who had not spoken publicly in more than ten years.

His sudden act of deviation from conventional behavior was enough to cause a big explosion in the financial and economic circles.

The moment the news spread, the international financial world and the economic circle exploded and started to report this incident with great fanfare.

The title was: The richest man in the world, Jun Shiyan, got married and had a child!

When Ling Sheng saw the hottest topic, her eyes nearly dropped to the ground.

Woah, woah, woah, was the Third Master tired of living He actually posted on Weibo!

However, when she saw his clarification on Weibo, she was worried that her father would get angry.

At the same time, her heart warmed a little.

The more she looked at the word “son”, the more pleasing she found it to the eye.

She could not help but look at it again and again.

She knew that the Third Master liked Xiaoqi a lot.

Even if Xiaoqi was not his biological son, he would definitely treat him like one.

Nothing made her happier or more relieved.

The comments below were very normal.

When it wasrevealed that the Best Actor and Best Actress had secretly gotten married and had a child, the fans of the two people had quarreled and fought.

Who would marry your idol Dont give yourself face.

Were so impressive that we dont think highly of you.

Under the Third Masters Weibo account, no one dared to curse.

Everyone was very polite.

Ling Sheng felt that the world would be harmonious if this group of spectators could also comment respectfully, keep their manners and be so well-behaved when the celebrities in the entertainment circle posted on Weibo.

“Sheng Sheng.” Upon seeing the smile on her lips, Su Yi asked carefully, “Does the neighbor really not care about Xiaoqis biological father at all”

She wasnt ruining the atmosphere on purpose.

She was just worried about Sheng Sheng.

After all, which man could really open his heart and accept another mans son

She also knew that she should not judge a gentleman with a petty heart.

However, what if Some men acted well on the surface but changed their behavior after getting married.

Her older cousin at home was one such victim.

Before she had gotten married, her husband had been very obedient to her and could not even bear to let her touch water.

He had listened to her every word and been a good, filial example of a boyfriend.

However, after getting married, his true colors were revealed.

He had gone from a good boyfriend to an arrogant chauvinist.

He would not do anything every day and treated her cousin like a housekeeper, ordering her around everywhere.

Recently, she had heard from her mother that he had even started to abuse her.

“Yes.” Ling Sheng could feel that the Third Master really did not care.

He treated Xiaoqi as his biological son.

Upon hearing Su Yis worry, she smiled.

“Dont worry.

If he dares to abuse me, my uncle alone will beat him to death.

Look at the people backing me.”

Which of her uncles was easy to deal with They were all big shots at the apex of Chinas Pyramid of power and wealth!

“I know, Im just a little worried.” Of course, Su Yi had seen how the Third Master had treated her.

It was just a signing event, yet he had come specifically to deliver medicine and give her a massage.

He loved and doted on her like a little princess.

It was the same during the filming of the show.

Wherever Sheng Sheng went, as long as he could, he would follow her.

It was as though she was a child who could not take care of herself.

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